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Aufsteiger des Monats

Refreshingly successful

An idea needs people to make it come true.

Each RINGANA Business Partner individually works to realise a common vision of a good life in a better world for all people.

Maria Rosa Fimmanò
Roma, Italy

Yes! She’s done it! Lovable Maria Rosa has ACHIEVED another goal, reaching Target Level 7 in only 6 months! What an amazing performance! What’s more, Maria Rosa is not only highly motivated and professional with regard to her career, but she also has her personal life completely under control. So the huge amount that she is achieving with her team and her unsurpassed ambition – namely helping to ensure that more and more people are finding even more beauty with RINGANA’s support and its products – hardly comes as a surprise.

Melanie Wiltfang
Krummhörn, Germany

She’s made it to Target Level 5! After Melanie’s training as an alternative practitioner, she decided to integrate RINGANA into her daily working life. Born in the Ruhr region, she has now been living near Emden for years. She organises everything – four children, a husband, a farm, a practice and the letting of holiday homes – with seeming ease. Melanie loves building up her business, she is pursuing her path purposefully and consistently, and her team is growing non-stop. She has reached Target Level 5, and we’re sure the confirmation will be following shortly. The RINGANA stages are just waiting for Melanie.

Alexandra Hoh
Fürth, Germany

Alex loves the RINGANA products, lives out the philosophy with her family, and thus inspires both her customers and her Partners. Since she decided to go with RINGANA full-time, this personable power woman has been unstoppable. She has set herself a clear goal, and is firmly focused on reaching it – congratulations on Target Level 5!

Christiane Schäfer
Vélizy Villacoublay, France

Enthusiastic. Focused. Hardworking. Willing to learn. Power woman. All terms that apply 100% to Christiane. It has been less than a year since she recognised the great opportunity that RINGANA offers her in France and all over Europe. Over recent months she has wowed loads of people with the philosophy, consistently built up her team, and infected Paris with the RINGANA spirit. Her perseverance took her and her wonderful team to a truly well-deserved Target Level 5 in March. Christiane is now on her way to becoming one of France’s first trainers. Our congratulations!

Herbert Hemzal
Vienna, Austria

Said, planned, executed! Guided by clear motivation and great vision, as well as huge enthusiasm for the RINGANA philosophy and Vision, Herbert and his wonderful team have now reached Target Level 5 after only a short space of time. In attendance at virtually every event, he inspires, motivates and leads his team with great commitment and devotion. Accustomed for years to working under his own steam, he is fantastic both as a team player and a leader. As he himself says, Target Level 5 is just the beginning and since he’s a man of action, we can look forward to plenty more from him.

Anita Haberl
Neuhofen im Innkreis, Austria

In January, Anita made her decision and has been showing all the things that this can make possible. Despite being the mother of one child, moving home and building a house, she and her wonderful team have well-deservedly reached Target Level 5, with great joy and lightness in her DOING. With her open, cheerful, personable and sincere manner, she enthuses simply everybody. She leads her wonderful team with huge devotion. She will be training as a trainer soon and we’re sure that it won’t be long either until she reaches the next Target Level.

Patricia Hampl
Vienna, Austria

It took quite a lot of persuasion to get Patricia on board as a Fresh Partner but now she’s ardently involved with network marketing, never misses an event, and is purposefully pursuing her path. Her heart beats for RINGANA, and she delights in supporting the Vienna event team. Patricia will definitely be celebrating many more successes.

Doris Zemp-Fuchs
Ruswil, Switzerland

With her charming, authentic manner and her infectious enthusiasm for our unique philosophy and the fresh RINGANA products, Doris has quickly established a solid customer base and an active team of Fresh Partners. She impressively handles not only the challenges of being the single mother of two adolescents, but also those of being a self-employed therapist. Doris is clearly focused on building up her RINGANA business and we are sure that she will soon prove persuasive as a new trainer in the central Switzerland region.

Miriam Nadine Schroeter
Chieming, Germany

Miriam Nadine has reached Target Levels 5, 6 and now TARGET LEVEL 7 – with ease and in just three months! The way this wonderful, funny woman leads her team is admirable. She is a good listener, she helps wherever she can, and she always has a cheeky remark on her lips. Mariam Nadine shows that you can achieve anything if you really believe in yourself, and this is the feeling, the spirit that she passes on to her team.

Latinka Gossling
Essen, Germany

Getting to her goal, step by step – that’s the motto with which this power woman from Essen has made her way to Target Level 5. She is going her way with huge enthusiasm and joy, together with her team. In Latinka, Essen has a new member in the select Green Leaf management group Ruhr, and is looking forward to a new trainer.

Nadja Böhm
Heroldsberg, Germany

This power woman lives her RINGANA business with purpose, focus, fun and lightness, alongside running her own sport business and having a family. Hugely enthusiastic about RINGANA products and the fabulous business opportunity, she shows people their potential. Her team is getting bigger all the time and the members are enjoying the journey with her. It’s a delight to see Nadja in action, and we’re sure it won’t be long before she advances further.

Ruth Pertoll
Appiano, Italy

Ruth is a South Tyrol bombshell! This young mother of three is a real power woman, and has reached Target Level 5 in less than a year! Ruth has found her vocation in RINGANA and, with body, soul and a huge effort, she has built up a fantastic team. Thanks to her affectionate, positive manner and her professional approach, she is a great mentor and is able to carry her entire team along with her. For Ruth, Target Level 5 is just one milestone of the many that are yet to follow in her RINGANA career.

Eva Maria Lässer
Bizau, Austria

Nature-loving power woman Eva Maria has reach Target Level 5. She loves and exudes the RINGANA energy, and her lively, sporty, confident manner, combined with her love of the products, enthuses and infects others. Since Eva Maria has directed her focus fully on RINGANA, her team has grown rapidly, and Target Level 6 is within easy reach.

Margret Bauer
Kemeten, Austria

Drum roll – it’s done! Marget and her team have so well-deservedly reached Target Level 5. With her sunny, cheerful and sincere nature, and her enthusiasm, she easily acquires customers and Partners. Her qualities of ambition, diligence and organisational talent set her apart, and she wholeheartedly motivates and supports her team. Congratulations on this magnificent achievement!

Katrin Kedl
Güssing, Austria

Katrin’s RINGANA journey started in 2017 with her enthusiasm for the RINGANA products. She has built up a wonderful team within a short space of time, and climbed from one Target Level to the next. Katrin’s clear focus, her purposefulness, consistent doing and her sunny nature have made her unstoppable. She easily manages to reconcile family, a full-time job and her RINGANA activity. There’s only one other thing to say – the sky’s the limit!

Alexandra Lehner-Piesinger
Steyr, Austria

Xandy has been able to perfectly reconcile her love of dogs and of RINGANA – allowing her to well-deservedly reach Target Level 5 after only one year. With her unshakeable faith in the RINGANA business and her highly consistent working manner, she is acquiring one Partner after the next, and is therefore also winning her place on the big incentive trips. Her training as a trainer awaits. Congratulations and continued success!

Franziska Nitschmann
Fürstenfeld, Austria

Franziska is rocketing to the top. Her motto is “There’s no such thing as can’t”. It was only in January that she made the decision to reach Target Level 5 in February. She not only put her foot down, but really stamped on the gas – and easily made it to Target Level 5. She can now look forward to training as a trainer, and the big stage. Franziska is a role model for her team, and is advancing with absolute clarity and determination.

Ingrid Triendl
Anif, Austria

It began with the tooth oil almost 7 years ago – that was the start of her enthusiasm for RINGANA’s unique philosophy. Full of verve, Ingrid rapidly built up a big customer base. She is an affectionate mentor for her constantly growing team. She is purposefully and enthusiastically pursuing her vision of getting people to take responsibility in terms of health and the environment. And this year we’re sure she’ll achieve quite a bit more in the RINGANA firmament…

Nina Karner
Kufstein, Austria

Nina comes from the gem of Tyrol – the little town of Kufstein… and Nina is equally a gem – simply wonderful. She is clearly structured and focused. In reaching Target Level 5 she has fulfilled her deep-held wish to speak on the RINGANA stage. Nina knows exactly what she wants and is easily implementing her visions and goals with her fabulous team. We’ll be hearing a lot more from Nina. Congratulations!

Rhona Pearce
Barcelona, Spain

Rhona is a power woman. Once she’d decided on the RINGANA business, she got off to a flying start. Firstly in the Maldives, and now she’s gone directly to Target Level 5. As a trainer, she leads her international team with great devotion, passion and knowledge. She is a real leader, and a role model for many people. We’re certain that Rhona will reach the highest Target Level.

Amrita Wulf
Creuzburg, Germany

Amrita has an incredibly inspiring and refreshing personality. She has beautifully mastered target 5, woohoo! She has been a wonderful partner since May 2018, living the RINGANA partnership experience in a focused and determined way while also taking care of her two charming children. Amrita attends all events diligently and thus acts as a role model for her entire team. Many warm congratulations for having reached target 5! May your RINGANA experience continue to proceed in this brilliant direction.

Erika Nischler-Pohl
Kastelbell, Italy

Woohoo, target 5 and trainer coaching are in the bag! At the last Convention in autumn, Erika decided to devote herself full-time to RINGANA and she reached the goals she set herself in no time! Despite the many obstacles on her path, she persevered and didn’t give up! Her enthusiasm and warmth will lead her to celebrate many more successes and she will soon reach target 6!

Ingrid Mundschin
Liestal, Switzerland

Ingrid has captivated many with her generous passion for RINGANA products. She has given away and recommended many products in her vicinity and is starting to acquire partners. She has already reached target 5 in the first invoicing period! Incredible…if she keeps going at this rate, she will overtake her entire team in no time. Many congratulations!

Barbara Ortner
Lienz, Austria

A beeline to success! Woohoo! Target Level 10 in only 3 years and 9 months! An enthusiast from the very first day, by living the philosophy 100% and giving of herself 100%, she has built up a fantastic international team and two new event locations. She doesn’t know the word “can’t”. This determination, coupled with her enchanting naturalness and sincerity make her a very special person. Barbara is now so free! Sincere congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

Christiana Scheibl
Pfaffing, Austria

The wonderful Christiana Scheibl has now reached the RINGANA Olympus! Her story began in 2010 with an article in an Austrian business journal that brought RINGANA to her and hundreds of other people. She is an avid traveller, a loving mother and an extraordinary mentor and companion. She recognises the potential in her team and she is a great role model for everybody. Sincere congratulations from the bottom of our hearts on this fantastic achievement!

Nicole Ines Harnisch
Berlin, Germany

Nicole – the exemplary event manager in Berlin, has reached Target Level 9 with her team in record time. Clarity, focus and energy, coupled with empathy, heart and soul, and enthusiasm set her apart and make her into a professional leader. She makes the impossible possible. Her team and all RINGANA People can count themselves lucky to have her as such a great role model. We sincerely congratulate her on this superb achievement!

Jane Cremer
Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf, Germany

Jane has reached Target Level 9 in a mere 2 years thanks to her incredible clarity, enormous diligence and fantastic teamwork. Target Level 10 is just a step away for her – simply fabulous!

Sonja Weinländer
Graz, Austria

Sonja is a textbook RINGANA Partner: her enthusiasm is unbounded – as we can see from her international team of over 100 RINGANA People. Her motto: “Mouth open – business open” suits her down to the ground. Now this “Graz wonder woman” and her power team have reached Target Level 9 after only 3 years and 4 months. It’s impressive what she has achieved in such as short space of time, and now the last step isn’t far off.

Katrin Stark
Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria

Katrin Rising Star! She locks onto something and achieves it! She goes her way with incredible focus and single-mindedness. She has reached Target Level 9 with a wonderful team, for which she deserves deep respect and recognition. She is climbing up Target Level by Target Level in a clear, professional and ambitious way. She leads her team with huge sincerity and empathy, and they greatly appreciate and love her as a mentor. She has found her vocation in RINGANA and has her eyes clearly fixed on her goal: to reach the very top!

Rosmarie & Marco Utz
Luzern, Swiss

In just 5 years and with only 200 team Partners, the power team of Rosmarie and Marco have reached Target Level 9. Investing heart and soul, and with their professional approach, they are working in Bern and Lucerne, and are always on the spot at the FUs and SUs. No major event is too far away for them and, thanks to their clear orientation and focus, they are moving up the Target Levels. Rosmarie and Marco are a huge asset for Switzerland, and we congratulate them on this brilliant achievement.

Frauke Kuhlus
Mülheim, Germany

Hooray! She’s made it! At Target Level 7 last summer, at the start of this year she’s already made it to Target Level 8. She has reached a new milestone in her RINGANA career. Her enthusiasm and love for the RINGANA business idea are mirrored in the efforts she puts into her team. She provides fresh inspiration every day, and both supports and challenges her team players. Her team’s appreciation of her has now brought her to Target Level 8 – and they are delighted to see her on the big stage.

Michelle Langner
Rutesheim, Germany

Sometimes we meet people who can change our lives in a flash, and Michelle is one of them. A devoted childminder, she manages an atelier. She is a mum, a friend, and a role model for an entire community. She exudes positive energy every day and encourages others to never give up. That's how she shares her enthusiasm for RINGANA with the rest of the world. Amazing! Michelle and her team have made it to Target Level 9 in only one year.

Karola & Richard Hitzler
Dillingen, Germany

The Hitzlers – two real “movers and shakers”! They are people who have invested heart and soul in and for RINGANA, and are also totally committed their team, the crossline and the sideline. They are at every event, have their visions, and do all they can to achieve them – without losing sight of their humanity. Karola started off by herself, but meanwhile she and Richard are working together to build up Augsburg. There’s nothing in the way now to stop them reaching Target Levels 9 and 10!

Marianne Wukovits
Ollersdorf, Austria

Marianne has reached Target Level 8 in under 2 years – what an unbelievable achievement! Alongside family, house and dog, she is travelling towards her goal with 100% conviction and trust. Having started off in Burgenland, she has meanwhile built up her team beyond Austria’s borders, and leads it with huge dedication, commitment and individuality. She manages to project her untiring energy onto her team. Who is so incredibly deserving of this success if not she?

Susanna Dütschler-Imboden
Buchs, Swiss

Thanks to her untiring efforts in Switzerland, Susanna has done sensational pioneer work. Now, with her enthusiasm and huge stamina, she has more than deservedly become the first Swiss Partner to reach Target Level 10. She has won people over to RINGANA and shown her Partners how to make authentic recommendations at countless talks and fresh_dates. We are delighted with her success and sincerely congratulate Susanna on reaching Target Level 10.

Sabine Rauter
Vienna, Austria

Sabine has reached Target Level 8! She leads her fantastic team with much sincerity and clarity, and also has a lot of fun while doing it. She is not only an asset and support to her own team, but also an inspiration for many other RINGANA People. Focused work, creativity and empathy are just three of her strengths – so we know she’s going to make it to the top of the RINGANA career ladder!

Alexandra Miklautz
Hart bei Graz, Austria

The beauty queen has so deservedly reached Target Level 8. To start with, she fell in love with the unique products – and nobody can describe them as lovingly as she can. Once she was won over to the idea of building a team, there was no stopping her. In less than 3 years she has built up a team of 500 Partners which she manages and loves with huge commitment. She has grown beyond her limits, is a true stage talent, and a truly powerful RINGANA skin care specialist.

Claudia Lackner-Heschl
Oberwart, Austria

After only 21 months as a RINGANA Partner, Claudia reached Target Level 7 in June 2018. She leads her team from one Target Level to the next in a laid-back, light way. We sincerely congratulate her on her next, sensational success: in just 27 months, she and her team reached Target Level 8. Perfectly focused and purposeful, she is continuing her successful RINGANA journey. We look forward to seeing her next wonderful successes!

Elena Adler
Bad Vöslau, Austria

It was only in June 2018 that she was at Target Level 6. Now in December, she has taken two hurdles at once – Target Levels 7 and 8! That means it has been only 2 years since she started with RINGANA. She is now reaping the fruits of her sincere and dedicated work for and with her team, and her constant acquisition of great people for her business. Her positive mindset never allows any doubts to surface, and it won’t be long until she reaches the highest Target Level.

Gerda Rumpler
Anthering, Austria

We’re so delighted! Gerda has reached Target Level 8. That is a very big moment for her. And it also means a huge amount to her mentor and team. Those who lead their team with such devotion and dedication cannot but help reach the very top. Now she’s heading for the RINGANA Olympus, to the highest Target Level.

Tina Berlinger
Vienna, Austria

The next milestone has been reached! Our sincere congratulations! Tina is a real whirlwind. She not only rocks the singing stages, but also her RINGANA business. She leads her international team in an exemplary way with huge devotion and knowledge, so Target Level 8 is the logical consequence of this wonderful collaboration. Tina is simply fantastic, a radiant “pearl of the south”!

Catharina Beyrer
Vienna, Austria

Cathy is really crazy, an exemplary mother of twins, and an absolutely fantastic team leader. You don’t need to be psychic to know that she will be going straight from one Target Level up to the next. But nobody could have guessed that she would have managed not one but two Target Levels in a single month. Now she has arrived at Target Level 8, and Target Level 9 is just waiting for her. Her team spirit, discipline and mindset have led her to success.

Silvia Patricia Schäfer
Ratingen, Germany

Silvia is leading RINGANA’s thriving development in Düsseldorf with huge dedication, solicitude and a powerful “so us” approach, and she has played a major role in the extremely positive growth. She brings the same passion and devotion to bear in leading and guiding her team – and Target Level 7 is the logical consequence. Sincere thanks to Silvia for all she is doing for the greater good!

Franziska Nöbauer
Hengersberg, Germany

Francisca’s method and motivation is to have interesting encounters, to talk with people, and to create awareness, attention and trust. Her journey to the more than deserved Target Level 7 has been characterised by learning, a new start, focus, perseverance, stamina, joy, dedication and team spirit. For her, mutual growth and the knowledge of being on the right track for fulfilling her dreams are elementary. Her team is delighted for her and extremely proud.

Stefanie Rensch
Berlin, Germany

She’s taken the next step and reached Target Level 7. Since her decision, the bustling Berliner has developed into a top manager in an exemplary way. Her unstinting efforts and her will, coupled with an intelligent and eloquent approach are simply inspiring. Her team thanks her with undiluted enthusiasm and an equal willingness to put in the effort. Her path is already marked out and will lead her to very big things.

Angelika & Willi Hutmacher
Schermbeck, Germany

The Hutmacher power team is climbing up the Target Levels with ease, joy, dedication and, above all, with sincerity. They complement each other perfectly on their mutual journey. Starting off only as Fresh Partners for their own needs, they are now supporting Düsseldorf and Dortmund, motivating all RINGANA Partners with charm and warmth. Their RINGANA motto: “Work when, where, as much and with whom we want.” Their enthusiasm for and devotion to RINGANA are simply infectious.

Penny Motley
Berlin, Germany

Amazing Penny – she has leapt with bravura straight from her planned Target Level 6 to Target Level 7. She constantly shows that the impossible is possible. Her unique charisma and her expertise make her a brilliant RINGANA manager. Diligence, focus, joy, celebration, freedom – she is an inspiration for many, and her commitment and the special spirit of her wonderful team are simply exemplary. Sincere congratulations!

Eva Dippel
Bremen, Germany

Target Level 7 – so well deserved! Eva’s consistent purposefulness, and her deep appreciation of and gratitude to RINGANA are allowing her to climb from one Target Level to the next. Bremen can count itself lucky to have a someone at Target Level 7 among its ranks who tackles things with so much spirit and enthusiasm. Clearly focused on Target Level 10 from the very start, she is now realising her grand vision step by step.

Ricarda Müller-Wohne
Gotha, Germany

WOW – sincere congratulations on reaching Target Level 7! “So us” is her motto, and she lives it out both in the way she leads her team, and in her successful development of Erfurt. Hard-working, strong-willed, loving, loyal, smart, prudent, natural, clear, focused, flexible … the list of qualities that make her stand out as a manager is a long one. So you – she is a wonderful person and truly deserves the view from Cloud 7.

Inna Bode
Römerberg, Germany

Inna is an absolute networking queen. No matter where she is, she wins people over to RINGANA with her wonderful manner. That means Inna has built up a big team all over Europe within a very short space of time, and has now skipped lightly to the next – all-important – Target Level 7. Sincere congratulations on this magnificent performance. We’re sure it won’t be long until she reaches Target Level 8.

Carolin Kamenz
Berlin, Germany

Caro made her decision after the Convention 2018: reach Target Levels 6 and 7 in December 2018. “Focus” became her middle name. She worked purposefully with her Powered by Nature team toward that goal. Her enthusiasm and unbounded energy that she can also transfer to her Partners made it possible: two Target Levels in a single month! She had only just arrived and she was already focusing on her next goals, whereby the motto #teamworkmakesthedreamwork is central.

Sina Stahl
Braunschweig, Germany

The Earth is flat, bumblebees can’t sting, and 5 comes after 6: the list of humanity’s popular misconceptions is a long one. So it’s no surprise that the light-footed Sina and her wonderful Green Karma team fluttered straight from Target Level 5 to Target Level 7. We wonder which natural laws she and her team will be putting to the test in the near future. Doesn’t 9 come after 7…?

Janina & Peer Kähler
Scharbeutz, Germany

Janina and Peer reached Target Level 7 in the record time of only 11 months. Sincere congratulations! They have built up a fantastic team with much love and clarity, and they have always kept their focus on the home straight. They are constantly in action, and their clarity motivates the entire team which is incredibly proud of the Kähler team.

Barbara Binder
Stockdorf, Germany

Barbara decided in 2013 to integrate RINGANA into her healing and physiotherapy practice. She was soon so delighted with the products and the business that she decided to make a start with RINGANA. Focused and purposeful, she built up her team, closed down her practice, and is now an event manager in Munich. Having just reached Target Level 7 she already has her eye on the 8 which we are sure she will reach soon with her verve and enthusiasm.

Thomas Schliwka
Dortmund, Germany

Thomas has reached Target Level 7, making him a pioneer in the Ruhr. Sincere congratulations! According to network marketing, current Target Level corresponds with current personal development – and that’s absolutely true in his case. Having been familiar with RINGANA for a long time already, he completely reinvented himself last year as a team leader, and now helps others to do the same. Thomas 2.0 is always willing to help, he’s a walking lexicon, and his humour is enriching.

Susanne Paschke
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Her beaming smile enchants the world, and she and RINGANA make the world a better place. Finally she has made it, and the pearl of the south has reached Target Level 7. Susanne is a first-class leader, an event manager in Frankfurt, and she guides people to success with warmth and professionalism. Her willpower, zeal, enthusiasm and continuous perseverance will take her all the way to the top, we’re sure. Sincere congratulations on reaching the new Target Level!

Renate & Bernhard Thußbas
Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Renate and Bernhard have loved and lived the RINGANA philosophy for many years with absolute conviction. Sustainable working, nature, movement and ethical values are part of their everyday life – so RINGANA fits in perfectly. They consciously planned for Target Level 7, focused on it, and have now reached it with their constantly growing team. As trainers, they are providing sterling support to Salzburg. There are getting a little closer to their defined vision of “Only RINGANA” with every Target Level.

Jana Reutershahn
Frankfurt, Germany

Her refreshing manner is taking Jana from one Target Level to the next. Her lightness is infectious and has carried over to her team. As the deputy event manager in Frankfurt, she acts as a role model and demonstrates the growth and wonderful team development that can be achieved with regular doing. The last three Target Levels are planned, and it won’t be long until she reaches them.

Miriam Henke & Daniel Domininghaus
Balve, Germany

They are a dream team in life, and now also in RINGANA business. Following their clear decision, they quickly raced through the Target Levels, hitting Target Level 7 in December. They lead their team with empathy, energy and professionalism, and are always willing to help. They brilliantly use their professional know-how for their team Partners who benefit enormously from it, and the team continues to grow rapidly.

Nicole Peters
Dortmund, Germany

In her case, CRACKER is absolutely the right word. Target Levels 6 and 7 in two months: a team performance par excellence. She has inspired and motivated her team with her vision; her team has carried her and their shared vision, and made it possible. WOW! A team player, event manager in Bielefeld and an institution in Dortmund. She generously gives of herself and her know-how, and she has enormous fun in DOING, which is why she’s going to reach all her goals.

Ulrike Gagel-Petereit
Hamburg, Germany

Ulli has made it – reaching a new milestone in her part-time RINGANA career. As a successful businesswoman, she recognised the business opportunity and immediately set about winning over customers and Partners. As a marketing professional, she appreciates RINGANA’s unique image. Since 2014 she has been an asset not only to Hamburg but to a huge number of RINGANA People as well. Her team loves her for her warm manner, her humour and her clear leadership which has brought her to Target Level 7.

Birgit Kofler Schweigl
Lana/Völlan, Italy

She has reached Target Level 7 exactly one year after signing the Partner application – even though initially all she wanted was to buy products at a good price. Thanks to her enthusiasm for the products and the philosophy, the mother of two has acquired a lot of customers and, after the Summer Summit 2018, she has been working non-stop on building a team. Her fire sets others alight too and the team that she leads with dedication now comprises over 100 people. Sincere congratulations on this masterly performance!

Nadja Schönweger
Bozen, Italy

What a year! Target Level in one year. That’s only possible if you live and love the products and philosophy, if you’re ambitious and willing to learn, and if you attend virtually every event – even if it’s a long way away. Nadja leads her team with great sincerity, sensitivity and appreciation, so she will steadily continue on her way up, deservedly coming closer to her dreams, step by step.

Caterina Cariello
Castel Mella, Italy

Caterina is an absolute power woman. She leads the way with her positive, enthusing way, and she is a role model and top-class leader for her magnificent team. Precise planning, decisiveness, her personal undertaking to go her own way, and trust have brought her to the highly desirable Target Level 7. Caterina – your team is delighted for you and will surely be hearing from you again soon. Sincere congratulations!

Cindy Bizet
Verona, Italy

Cindy instantly understood the fantastic business opportunity that RINGANA offers and seized it with great dynamism and determination. She immediately concentrated on building up a team in Italy which she is doing with great dedication and professionalism. As soon as the French market was opened, she went to Paris as a pioneer, to expand her international team still further. She perfectly combines managing her family with her trips to Paris. We raise our hats to her! Target Level 8 is already waiting for her.

Karin Tschabuschnig
St. Stefan an der Gail, Austria

Karin has well deservedly reached Target Level 7. She is a remarkable woman with a very warm heart and a radiant look. Despite some challenges last year, she has always pursued her goal and, having grown enough to overcome them, she achieved it. When she talks about the products, it is a delight to listen to her. She is a valuable asset for Lienz and Klagenfurt. Wishing her a fabulous, successful 2019!

Anna Schuh
Graz, Austria

Anna – the loving single mother of two lovely boys, has reached Target Level 7 with her strong team behind her. Her consistent and earnest team management has paid off and will allow her team to grow at top speed, which will very quickly take her to the next Target Levels. Absolutely deserved and we’re delighted for her.

Martina Köfer-Haberle
St. Stefan an der Gail, Austria

She has reached Target Level 7 and she and her team truly deserve it. She has made a clear decision for herself, her life and her RINGANA business. She is pursuing her path step by step, accompanied by joy and great warmth for team partners in the Best Team Sunshine and, naturally, for all RINGANA People. She contributes so much to the greater good on so many levels. The coming months are sure to be packed with highlights for her and her team – ready to boost it up!

Elisabeth Schneeflock
Birkfeld, Austria

With 3 little boys and a full-time job as a midwife, she easily hurdled Target Level 6 in December, and is now a RINGANA manager after only one year as a Fresh Partner. She is a great role model for the team and the proof that anything is possible. She is a warm-hearted person, and leads her team with love and understanding. She will soon be standing on the big RINGANA stage because she is truly of the RINGANA New Generation.

Maria Singer
Graz, Austria

Maria has reached Target Level 7, just as expected. With her remarkable focus and a crystal-clear mindset, the mother of two truly deserves the title of “manager”. She knows exactly where she wants to go and what she has to do to reach her goals. Thanks to her sincere and clear team management, Target Level 8 is only a question of time.

Kathrin Pötsch
Kramsach, Austria

Kathrin – the event manager in Innsbruck – has reached Target Level 7. As a power woman, she acts as a role model and leader, as a wonderful trainer she enthuses the RINGANA People and, with huge dedication to customer and team management, she is climbing the rungs of the RINGANA career ladder. We’ll be hearing a lot more from her. Sincere congratulations!

Claudia Gell
Graz, Austria

Claudia is a veritable role model in terms of purpose, stamina and perseverance. The native of Hartberg lives and loves RINGANA from head to toe. Initially an enthusiastic customer, she quickly recognised the brilliant opportunity and got started straight away. Alongside her job, 3 children, husband, house, garden and lots of hobbies, she has consistently and calmly built up her team with whom she has now deservedly reached Target Level 7. Keep it up!

Andrea Kliment
Wien, Austria

As a former businesswoman in marketing, she is accustomed to working with focus and purpose. She is an exemplary team leader, an eloquent networker, and the “cold-call queen”. Despite a number of challenges, she continues her journey untiringly and coaches her team with great devotion virtually night and day. WOW. WARMest congratulations! She’s made it to Target Level 7 – the rest will follow!

Eva-Maria Stiegmaier
Zeltweg, Austria

Eva-Maria started the new year at Target Level 7 with a little magic, a lot of effort, motivation and trust, and a really great team at her side. There are lots of so-called “golden rules” for success such as “surround yourself with people who want to see you grow” or “orient yourself upwards”. Eva-Maria is the proof that these rules work. She reaches for the stars and is an inspiration for the entire team. Wishing you lots more magical moments on the way to your goals!

Sonja Zenz
Klagenfurt, Austria

Sonja hit the ground running and was focused on the business right from the start. With commitment, consistency and purpose, she made it with her team to Target Level 7, alongside looking after 2 sons and building a house. She is a role leader and team leader with spirit and enthusiasm. Her magic formula: self-reflection, constant further education and focus. She is unstoppable. This pearl of the south can handle simply any challenge with her openness, empathy and courage.

Simone Unterweger Ebenbichler
Absam, Austria

After 2 years of best business, Simone has made it to Target Level 7 as planned, sensationally and clearly. She knew from the start what she had to do and, alongside her 3 wonderful daughters and her husband, she has still managed to reconcile everything professionally. In addition, Simone also took over event management in Innsbruck six months ago, and she leads her team in an exemplary, sincere way. Multi-talented Simone is a real asset and a delightful ray of sunshine.

Bernadette Siegl
Stinatz, Austria

Sportily, cheerfully and with a great deal of heart and hard work, Bernadette has catapulted herself into the management league at RINGANA. Her open and communicative way of dealing with people opens many doors for her and, with her focus and purpose, she will climb the career ladder all the way to the top. With her motto #togethertarget10, every Fresh Partner becomes a SO US. Congratulations for this excellent performance in reaching Target Level 7!

Claudia Lattner
Dornbirn, Austria

Target 7 has been expected for quite a while. It was the logical consequence in light of her focused work with her international team. Claudia is purposeful, focused, reliable, lovable, aware, a team player and a role model, and her team Partners know what a great mentor she is. Her team appreciates her knowledge of languages and a number of German, Spanish and French trainers will soon be joining her team. We’re looking forward to hearing more reports of her success!

Natascha Thurner
Kobersdorf, Austria

Hardly had she made the “RINGANA only” decision, and she had already reached the next Target Level. Consistent, determined, reflective and lovable, she lives and loves the RINGANA philosophy every day. Full of energy, she implements her ideas with her powerful team – because they all share a great goal: to create a better world.

Wolfgang Schmid
Vienna, Austria

Wolfgang had already known RINGANA through his wife for almost 7 years. In autumn 2016 he decided on a RINGANA Partnership and career. The former garden architect is a natural talent: with dedication, charm and Viennese wit, he wins people over to the business idea and has already built up a team of around 300 RINGANA People. Now this personable man from Vienna has reached Target Level 7 – the cherry on the cake to round off his “official year as The Face”.

Andrea Schiffner
Edelsgrub, Austria

She has reached Target Level 7 with her clear focus and great heart. She took a decision and is following her path with absolute clarity and a love of the business. As a mother of 3, she has a great talent for organisation, radiates only positive vibes, and she naturally transfers this to her successful HEARTfresh team. She lives out the WE-thinking, and she is a beacon as a mentor, upline and colleague. Sincere congratulations on reaching this Target Level – the summit is getting a little closer every day.

Marija Angerer
Vienna, Austria

Marija is going on her RINGANA journey with absolute persistence and stamina. Her decision to give her all now has deservedly brought her to Target Level 7. She moves people with her fire and dynamism, wins them for RINGANA, and creates awareness on many levels. As a person and as a mentor she demonstrates the qualities of intuition, empathy and individuality. She leads her team with loving clarity. The logical consequence: step by step to Target Level 10.

Bettina Raith
Klagenfurt, Austria

Sincere congratulations on reaching Target Level 7! As the new event manager in Klagenfurt, she is starting the new year and can tick off a new Target Level straight away. With RINGANA she is growing beyond her limits. She is learning here that everything is possible. Stamina, continuity and perseverance are the qualities that set her apart. Her team is very proud of and delighted for her. She is a power woman, a power mum and a power pearl of the south!

Evelyne Peters
Vienna, Austria

Her name stands for personal development to the power of 10. She became a Partner in 2014 and made a decision. She never gives up, her heart is in the right place, she is willing to help, and is extremely hardworking. The secret of her success: attending every event with the team. She is an event manager in Vienna and the driving force behind the team’s fresh_dates. Her expertise coupled with her attractive appearance make her highly persuasive. The next Target Levels are already waiting for her.

Ulrike Krawagna
Graz, Austria

Ulrike had just reached Target Level 6 and now – just a few weeks later – she is already at Target Level 7. Her entire team sincerely congratulates her on this great success and on every new degree of freedom that this Target Level brings with it. We know that she appreciates this freedom with all her heart.

Manuela Palamini
Bellinzona, Switzerland

With RINGANA, Manuela has found what she really enjoys doing. Sincere congratulations on this important milestone that she has reached with the Shining Stars team. She works with steadiness, knowledge and passion and, since last summer, has been responsible for the event location, Locarno. Her team partners from Ticino and Italy all live by the motto “So us”, and she is a source of inspiration for everybody around her.

Trudy Abt
Altendorf, Switzerland

Trudy is going full steam ahead and has a massive crew on board whom she supports energetically. She is now celebrating her well-deserved arrival at Target Level 7. She leads people to success with huge dedication, discipline and enthusiasm. Her team spirit and untiring efforts mean she will achieve much more at RINGANA.

Moni Güntensperger
Wald, Switzerland

Thanks to the cheerful art with which she enthuses people, Moni is reaching one Target Level after the next. Congratulations on Target Level 7! Since closing down her painting and decorating business and hanging up her paintbrushes, there’s no stopping this power woman. She lives out the “so us” approach within her team in her distinctive way. With her willingness to help and her great eye for detail, she is an asset for Lachen. Target Level 8 is already in sight.

Irmgard Himmelberger
Samstagern, Switzerland

She is purposefully making her RINGANA journey with heart and soul, passion and fantastic teamwork. Apart from her natural healing practice, she leads her team lovingly and achieves her goals thanks to her remarkable willpower. She never gives up; she is a real power woman and a role model for everybody. During her around 2 years with RINGANA, she has been on every incentive trip. She lives and loves RINGANA, and enriches with her specialist knowledge, on which her success is built. Congratulations, and keep it up!

Catia Tauriello
Zollikofen, Switzerland

This personable Partner from the Bern team has reached Target Level 7. With her Italian roots and her cheerful manner she acquires customers and partners, manages her team with a lot of love, and makes a valuable contribution as a trainer. She has been an event manager in Bern for a year and she is at all of the big events. In recent years Catia has gone through enormous personal development. In July 2017 she was able to fulfil her great dream: only RINGANA!

Mirjam Fröhlich
Zollikon, Switzerland

With her calm, warm manner and her gaze firmly fixed on her goals, Mirjam has reached Target Level 7. Sincere congratulations on this well-deserved Target Level. Always acting in the best interests of people and nature, it’s easy for Mirjam to carry the RINGANA philosophy out into the world. She has built up an international team which she supports with great joy and enthusiasm. She is able to perfectly combine her passion for travel with RINGANA, so she is always “happily out and about”.

Ivette Rovira Cabeza
Folgueroles, Spain

Ivette is a dynamic, cheerful and very committed woman. Despite being the mother of two children and holding down a job, she has lived RINGANA from the very first day with great intensity. She enthuses both Partners and customers and, thanks to her naturalness, in only 3 years she has created a fantastic, dynamic team that just won’t stop growing. Her clear steps have now taken her to Target Level 7 and she is heading straight for the next Target Levels. Sincere congratulations!

Tina Feller
Hamburg, Germany

Purposefully and calmly, she has worked her way to Target Level 6. With her friendly, personable approach, she is a gift to the team. She not only shares her specialist knowledge with her team, but also inspires other RINGANA People as a trainer in Hamburg. And when it comes to building up a customer base and customer care, she’s one of the best. Tina has more than deservedly reached Target Level 6, and we’ll be hearing a lot more from her.

Kerstin Eigenbrod
Berlin, Germany

Target Level 6 is not only a new Target Level but also a statement from Kerstin. From the very start she was on fire for RINGANA, and her enthusiasm makes her an ambassador for RINGANA. 2017 and 2018 held many challenges, but she persevered and stuck at it – an impressive and remarkable example to all of us. She is also there for the team, for all campaigns, coaching sessions, and as an event manager in Berlin. We’re looking forward to seeing all the things she’s going to achieve in future.

Marie-Theres Kern
Giessen, Germany

Marie-Theres is a born networker. Her joy and passion are infectious, her dedication remarkable, and her DOING exemplary. That’s how she can reach her goals consistently and with ease. She perfectly understands how to recognise and remove the obstacles in her way at every level. Sincere congratulations on Target Level 6 – she has well-deservedly reached this next springboard.

Caroline Georgy
Hamburg, Germany

She has well-deservedly reached Target Level 6 with confidence and a lot of power. She is making her way untiringly and with determination, and has built up a fantastic team in Germany and the UK. She is always focused and she puts her whole heart into her RINGANA business no matter how chaotic things may get around her. She enthuses people, wins cool incentive trips, and is pursuing her path with a professional approach. She has her goal firmly in her sights, and it won’t be long until she reaches the next Target Level.

Kathleen Bernstein
Rosenheim, Germany

Kathleen has deservedly reached Target Level 6 thanks to her enthusiasm for the RINGANA philosophy and her love of the products, combined with her constant perseverance, and by achieving the goals she has set herself on her RINGANA To Do list. She has amply proved her organisational talent as a mother of three, and with the leadership qualities she possesses she has built up a motivated team that is growing all the time. She works in a focused way and is bursting with energy, and these qualities are quickly taking her up the marketing plan.

Angelika Neugebauer
Waltershausen, Germany

She simply can’t do anything but talk enthusiastically about the RINGANA products and the fantastic business opportunity. The words just tumble out as she speaks with sparkling eyes and that – combined with her daily persistence – is how she acquires wonderful team Partners and customers. She is looking forward to training as a trainer in March with huge excitement and pleasure, so we can look forward to her trainer premiere this year.

Anja Burkert-Scholz
Mülheim, Germany

She’s made it to Target Level 6! Anja pursues her path with determination and professionalism – she is simply exemplary, while always being an absolute ray of sunshine. She coaches her team with great commitment and devotion, and is playing a key role in building up the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Sincere congratulations on this great performance!

Gabriele Haas
Gamprin-Bendern, Liechtenstein

With Gabriele, the Grand Duchy of Liechtenstein has a manager who is a unique combination of charm and consistency. Target Level 6 is the reward for successful leadership, and Target Level 7 is already within reach. Sincere congratulations, and much pleasure in climbing further up the RINGANA success ladder!

Monika Wastl-Pucher
Klagenfurt, Austria

Power woman Monika has reached Target Level 6. With her huge enthusiasm for our green, ethical business, she lives and loves RINGANA. Even though she also has a demanding full-time job, she still manages to stay focused at all times. Thanks to her phenomenal sales in December and her dedication to her brilliant team, she is climbing the RINGANA career ladder step by step.

Kristine Köröcz
Hirtenberg, Austria

Kristine has flown up to Target Level 6! This big-hearted flight attendant, CRM trainer and RINGANA team leader is so much fun! She has an unbelievably affectionate, strong team, and as a mentor she is a great role model for everybody. Dedicated, life-affirming, personable and successful in every area. The way she manages it all is absolutely admirable. She gives 100% and her special manner allows her to reach the Target Levels with ease. Sincere congratulations on this magnificent result!

Barbara Schweiger
Mutters, Austria

Babsi’s love of RINGANA has taken her to the upper half of the marketing plan. Sincere congratulations to this loving florist and mother of two. She plans to pack in her part-time job soon, to concentrate fully on her family and RINGANA. Her continuous acquisition of customers and Partners is the basis for the numerous incentive trips in which she has already participated. We wish her all the energy in the world and continued fresh success!

Karin Helen Predota
Sinabelkirchen, Austria

Karin was instantly thrilled by the RINGANA products, but initially only imagined recommending them. The change came about at the Kick-Off: just one day later, she had signed up her first Partner and within a short space of time she had built up a sensational team, reached Target Level 5 and completed her training as a trainer. She works hard and consistently, and doesn’t let herself be put off by setbacks. It won’t be long until she reaches the next Target Levels.

Karina Mangold
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

This dedicated athlete, mother of three, and mind coach has reached the next Target Level on the RINGANA marketing plan with focus, purpose and lightness. There’s no more stopping her because she has integrated her RINGANA business skilfully into her life in a perfectly organised way. With her knowledge and her appreciative support in her team, we can’t imagine being without her. Thanks for everything, and every success for your climb to the next Target Levels.

Romana Stückler
Kapfenberg, Austria

Romana has reached Target Level 6 and that’s only the start of her story. Since 2017 she has been working flat out, she loves the philosophy, and she is winning over people everywhere to the Vision. She has now chalked up this success thanks to her single-mindedness, focus and continuous doing. Since training as a trainer in autumn 2018 and winning her place on the incentive trip to the Maldives, there’s been no stopping her. We wish her maximum success on her way to Target Level 10!

Julia Weninger
St. Lorenzen am Wechsel, Austria

Strong-willed, purposeful and with reflection, Julia and her team have reached Target Level 6, as planned. Her diligence and consistency make her an absolute role model, and she is always there for her team. This power mum has integrated RINGANA 100% into her daily life, and she lives and loves our unique philosophy. Her focus on team-building will soon take her further, because we know that Julia’s going to Target Level 10.

Iris Schweighofer
Deutschlandsberg, Austria

With her enormous product knowledge and her calm, purposeful manner, Iris is moving from one Target Level to the next without fuss. A firm believer in the product quality and the philosophy, she shares this with her team, as a role model. Iris has the fantastic ability to motivate, support and enthuse her team, and she always has an open ear. A wonderful woman who we are sure will go all the way to the top. Here’s to continuing success and pleasure!

Anita & Olaf Schmid
Tösens, Austria

Starting off successfully with Anita Schmid alone, things really took off when Anita and Olaf Schmid joined forces. This dream team has been quickly climbing from one Target Level to the next. They live and love the RINGANA philosophy and have their goals clearly in their sights. They are steadily moving all the way to the top with lightness and professionalism. Now they and their team have reached Target Level 6. We’re sure they’ll be moving upwards from there very soon.

Roswitha Bacher
St. Peter am Kammersberg, Austria

Roswitha lives RINGANA with huge passion. This love and enthusiasm has taken her to Target Level 6. She constantly sticks at it, and is now reaping her great success. She enthuses people when she talks about RINGANA, and it’s a delight to listen to her. She is an absolute RINGANA lover, and a huge asset for the whole team. Sincere congratulations – and here’s to a successful 2019!

Monika Koppensteiner
Langenzersdorf, Austria

Monika has made it to the next milestone and reached Target Level 6. She and her team have arrived at this stopover on the way to the RINGANA Olympus with bravura, dedication and much joy. She enthuses people everywhere – be it at fresh_ups, or when she’s acquiring customers and Partners. She is helping to build up Vienna and Neufeld, and she is an enormous asset. Her team can count themselves lucky to have her as a team leader.

Kirstin Steinbach
Mödling, Austria

Since the mother of 2 and part-time graphic artist discovered her burning passion when training as a trainer, there has been no stopping her. Thanks to her empathic and authentic manner, she has won lots of people over to ethical, sustainable work. She works in a purposeful, focused way. Her path is clear: there is nothing to stop her reaching the next Target Levels. We look forward to seeing what else she will achieve.

Rosa-Maria Fontana
Luzern, Switzerland

Sincere congratulations on reaching Target Level 6. “Selfness” is Rosa Maria’s motto. With so much warmth and enthusiasm, it’s easy for her to talk about “so free” and “so fresh”. Always authentic and purposeful, she is continuing on her RINGANA journey, Target Level by Target Level. As was already the case when she was in business, Rosa Maria encourages and challenges her team with huge dedication and sensitivity. Keep it up and you’ll soon be at Target Level 7!

Adriana Vidal Vallès
Gurb, Spain

Adriana is a fantastic woman who loves work, and a great fighter who, as the mother of 4 small children, is leading her team very professionally and with huge commitment. Whatever she wants, she will achieve, because she is unique. Her team is very proud of her and her empathic skills. Congratulations on well-deservedly reaching Target Level 6 – and on all the other goals which we’re sure she’ll achieve too.

Birgit Lang
Amtzell, Germany

Ardently enthusiastic right from the start, Birgit is 100% behind the RINGANA products and philosophy. She quickly decided to make this a part of her life. The loving mother of two girls, she gets her team going with dedication, support and motivation, and enthuses her customers and Partners with her warm, natural manner. She is an asset to the team. Warm congratulations on so well-deservedly reaching this Target Level.

Sonja Wilm
Altdorf, Germany

Sonja lovingly acquires customers and Partners for her business and is progressing continuously on her journey. For December, she set herself a clear goal: Target Level 5. No sooner said than done. She got started with focus, and now she can enjoy her success, get a taste of the stage, and she will be rocking the next Target Levels with her wonderful team. Visionboost 2020!

Martina Bachmann
München, Germany

Long and eagerly awaited, now she’s delighted to be at Target Level 5. Her perseverance, her love of the philosophy and her willpower have now earnt her the well-deserved reward. Always involved in the event team Munich, she provides energetic support, thus also making a contribution to the greater “so us”. Her team is thrilled for her about Target Level 5. She just needs to confirm that result, and she can go on to training as a trainer. She is ready for more!

Gerda Künzel
Nuremberg, Germany

Gerda has always been a special individual. Her professional career to date has been completely different and demanding. With RINGANA, she has not hesitated to go in a new direction, to reinvent herself, and to grow. Thanks to her stamina, purposefulness and consistency, she can now proudly celebrate reaching Target Level 5. Sincere congratulations!

Isabell Döring
Dresden, Germany

Drum roll for the next gem from East German Dresden. Isabell and her team have now deservedly reached Target Level 5. She is a wonderful team leader, and she radiates enthusiasm for and love of RINGANA every day. She deserves great respect because, as a mother of two and another on the way, she is pursuing her path and following her goals – simply magnificent! Sincere congratulations! We’ll be hearing a lot more from her.

Bianca Härtl
Nuremberg, Germany

Despite facing some initial obstacles, Bianca has asserted herself, opened up, and has started out on her journey with focus and in her own way. She lives and loves RINGANA. She puts her heart into advising her customers about real needs and benefits. She wins people over with her pure joie de vivre and energy. Sincere congratulations on deservedly reaching Target Level 5!

Andrea Bierbaum
Lorsch, Germany

Andrea is a textbook Fresh Partner. It hasn’t even been two years since she invited herself to a fresh_date. After carefully examining the products and the business, she made her decision. Alongside a full-time job and a 60-hour week, she has built up a very good customer base which she looks after excellently. With only two team Partners, in December her incredible customer sales allowed her to reach both Target Levels 4 and 5.

Andrea Bienia
Lorsch, Germany

Andrea has been a Partner since December 2016 and she’s a real power woman. Her great strengths are her diligence, her knowledge and the direct way she approaches people. As a single mother and owner of a sewing school, she never gets sidetracked, despite occasional obstacles. Having taken part in the Bali incentive trip last year, her fantastic and continuous team-building have now brought her to Target Level 5. We are certain that we’ll be hearing a lot more from her.

Bianca Wichote
Elsterwerda, Germany

Bianca is an absolute gem! Sincere and enthusiastic, she chose RINGANA in December 2017 and has now deservedly reached Target Level 5. An extraordinary result that was made possible thanks to her qualities combined with her passion for the philosophy that she lives out every day. With her sunny, cheerful and warm manner, she is an asset to Dresden. Now that the first goal has been achieved, there’s no stopping her.

Sabine Ebenbichler
Volkertshausen, Germany

Sabine fell in love with the RINGANA philosophy, products and business model as soon as she heard about them. She’s a social butterfly and soon got new partners on board herself. Her empathy and personal commitment help her team succeed. Sabine knew from the start that events are the key to success: she doesn’t miss any of the big ones! We have no doubt that she can achieve anything she wants with RINGANA.

Karin Keding
Erfurt, Germany

Karin decided to join RINGANA in February 2017. Together with her mentor, she set up the Green Business Talents, and her team keeps growing. Every day, Karin shows her Green Business Talents what enthusiasm, purpose, discipline, authenticity, empathy and consistency can achieve. These qualities have catapulted her to Target Level 5! And there’s so much more to come. A true role model to everyone and a well-deserved Level 5.

Astrid Prenzel
Rödental, Germany

To Astrid, family is everything. She runs a small business together with her husband, and her cordial and kind nature uplifts and motivates people at the gym and on the yoga mat. RINGANA has been an enriching addition to her life. It fits perfectly into her family-run exercise business. Astrid is an excellent leader to her little team. She supports them with a clear focus, and they always have her back. Having reached her well-deserved Target Level 5, her next step will be the trainer course.

Maria Schuster
Berlin, Germany

Maria's RINGANA journey is a joy to behold. She thinks and acts rationally, sets herself goals and works towards them with total determination. Once she makes a decision, it's as good as done. Maria successfully combines her RINGANA career with a full-time job and two small children. She soon became a sales queen and now focuses on team-building. Berlin will be lucky to have such an inspiring trainer!

Violetta Rosellen
Fronhausen, Germany

We will surely hear a lot of good news from Violetta. She's a role model already! Violetta has a brilliant mind for business. She acquires partners as well as customers to spread her skills and expertise. She relishes the challenge of cold-contacting new leads and gets more and more people excited about the products. With her charisma, ease and focus added to the mix, she is well on her way to the top. Well done! Keep going!

Kathi Zieschang
Moritzburg, Germany

Life writes beautiful stories. Kathi can tell one of them. She rapidly absorbed all the information about RINGANA and got started. Having set aside a whole year to build up her RINGANA business, she took a break from her professional career. With a great deal of commitment, she put together her team, and in December, she reached Target Level 5. Kathi is about to become a unique trainer and help many people take the RINGANA journey. She can look forward to a lot more levels!

Peffe Stahl
Braunschweig, Germany

It seems as though the universe has brought Peffe and his mentor together. It was love at first sight! Even though it took Peffe a couple of weeks to recognise the brilliant opportunities offered by RINGANA, he is now rapidly climbing the career ladder as a vegan superhero. The RINGANA world and his team benefit greatly from his authenticity.

Justine Milewski
Maitenbeth, Germany

It's done! Justine has reached her annual goal: Target Level 5. She has made immense progress and become a brilliant leader. Her team can be proud of her. We are sure that this target level is a mere step on her way to the top. She will doubtlessly achieve greatness and freedom. We are looking forward to following her path. Our warmest congratulations!

Stephan Achstetter
Nuremberg, Germany

Tenacity, enthusiasm and a willingness to rethink everything have helped Stephan reach Target Level 5. He has reached this milestone together with his team. A shining beacon for those around him, he is always ready to take all necessary steps to success. Stephan is the first man on Best Team Sunshine, and he leads his team with excellence. Rock on – you’re ready to climb to the top!

Melanie Sucker
Waltershausen, Germany

Melanie started her journey at our 2018 Kick-Off, and she's been unstoppable since. Encouraged by the Maldives Incentives, a trip she enjoyed greatly, she is putting together an amazing team step by step. Her recipe for success: a warm heart, clear focus and a lot of joy. She is extraordinarily committed to our Erfurt events and is set to start her trainer course in 2019. We wish her all the best!

Annelore Sommerfeld
Steinhagen, Germany

Anne didn't have to spend a lot of time trying the products: she became a passionate RINGANA fresh partner after just a week! Her cordial nature has helped her establish a solid customer base and a lovely team. A sought-after advisor in the crossline, she constantly expands her already impressive knowledge. She wanted to turn Bielefeld into a RINGANA location and successfully made her vision come true. Anne is set to become a wonderful trainer and keep inspiring her ever-growing team.

Katrin Kadelbach
Hamburg, Germany

Katrin was just waiting to hear about RINGANA. Without even knowing a single product, she was on board immediately. Today, she tells everyone about the brilliant 100% philosophy. Her inspiring nature and contagious zest for life has helped her build a team fast, despite a whole number of everyday setbacks. Each and every one of her team members benefits from her empathy. We love seeing her enjoy her success!

Lena Heine
Hannover, Germany

“I spent enough time doing nothing. It's my turn to get cracking!” Those were Lena's first words to us in September 2018. After a slow start to her first year with RINGANA, she spontaneously shifted into turbo gear at the convention. Since that day, she has been chasing her goals with lightness and joy. Her sincere and loving nature and the pure joy in her heart help Lena enchant more and more people and introduce them to the green magic of RINGANA.

Marco Mascialino
Detmold, Germany

“I’ll have a look, but I’m no networker.” Those were the words that kicked off Marco's outstandingly successful RINGANA career. Unexpectedly, team-building and networking turned out to be two of his greatest strengths. He loves his team and is a wonderful mentor. And his team is grateful to be going on this journey with him!

Monika Habig
Geldern, Germany

Monika reached Target Level 5 incredibly quickly after deciding to join RINGANA. She works tirelessly: two jobs plus RINGANA. Reconciling all those commitments wasn't always easy, but her boundless passion, endurance and love for the products have led her to well-deserved success. Her little team has her back 100% on her way to the top. Monika is set to embark on her next milestone, the trainer course, very soon.

Elisabeth Salch-Klauser
Munich, Germany

Our warmest congratulations on reaching Target Level 5! In a single month, Elisabeth managed to climb up three levels. What an amazing feat. She made a decision and focused on achieving everything she had discussed with her upline. Elisabeth is a fantastic role model for everyone, including our RINGANA people. We wish her all the best for her next steps!

Sabine Weber
Jena, Germany

Give it up for our next East German superstar! Congratulations to Bine and her wonderful team on their well-deserved Target Level 5. Her enthusiasm and love for RINGANA first took her to the Maldives, then to level 5. And she achieved all that while working as a teacher and, until recently, shopkeeper. Her team couldn't be more proud. We can't wait to hear more about her progress.

Stefan Rönz
Meckenheim, Germany

From the very start, Stefan believed in the concept and philosophy behind RINGANA and incorporated them into his life. He has visited all major events, no matter how far. No effort is too much for him! With a lot of love and vegan power, he has put together an enthusiastic and motivated team that adds the green touch to bathrooms all over Europe. And he has only just started. His heart and soul are committed to a powerful RINGANA year in 2019!

Sabine Kuschel
Berlin, Germany

Sabine is a role model when it comes to implementing the RINGANA philosophy and concept. After just a year, she reached her well-deserved Target Level 5 already. Her joy, clarity, discipline, focus and huge heart are like rays of sunshine to her team. She grasped the RINGANA secret from the start and has great success in duplicating it. Congratulations! Your next step towards freedom is waiting for you.

Andrea Cohen
Berlin, Germany

Andrea first scrutinised the products and philosophy of RINGANA with a good dose of healthy scepticism, but she soon realised: there are only opportunities here! She has a clear goal: selfness and more time for her two daughters. Andrea wishes for a better world for the next generations, and her unique humour and professionalism helps her acquire both customers and partners with ease. In less than a year, she has managed to reach Target Level 5!

Nina Angelov
Mönchengladbach, Germany

Nina has all the qualities a successful RINGANA partner needs. Her values are completely identical to RINGANA’s, and she makes sure to spread the philosophy wherever she goes. There’s only one thing she is missing, much like many of us: time! We find it all the more impressive that she manages to look after hear team partners and customers with authenticity and kindness on top of her family and other obligations. Nina is a fountain of good ideas. We are excited to see what else she comes up with, now that Target Level 5 is in the bag!

Petra Holzwarth
Pleidelsheim, Germany

Petra has been using a whole range of RINGANA products enthusiastically since March 2018. In the summer, she started thinking about taking her RINGANA career further in the autumn. She decided at the convention in September that Target Level 5 would be her goal for the coming December. Since Petra is a born doer and sticks to her plans, the inevitable happened: Target Level 5!

Nadine Martin
Braunschweig, Germany

Who said you can’t work with RINGANA if you're in the US? Nadine reckoned: “It’ll be fine!” And it is. Since her first day with RINGANA, Nadine has been unstoppable. Her middle name could well be ‘Focus’. Or ‘Action’. Or ‘Joy’. With determination and a positive mindset, she succeeds in her RINGANA work without ever neglecting her wonderful family. Let’s see what happens when she comes back to Germany!

Imke Kampf
Straubing, Austria

Imke is a paragon of endurance. She never lost sight of RINGANA, and when the right moment came, she seized it and hit the ground running. Her reward has been excellent growth in her team and customer base – and Target Level 5! And she has only just begun.

Elisabeth Faure
München, Germany

Elisabeth first encountered RINGANA when she was working in a Zurich theatre. She loved the idea immediately. After qualifying as a Shiatsu therapist, she started her own business in Munich. Her communicative ability, her ambition, her determination, and her loving and caring way of dealing with others have been key to her success. Thanks to her organisational talent, she excels at reconciling her family life, primary career and RINGANA. Her husband, Roland, always has her back.

Hildegard Schex
Germering, Germany

Hilde’s joy, humour and enthusiasm enraptures everyone around her. Step by step, she put together a brilliant team and reached her well-deserved Target Level 5. By leading her team to success, she has shown us that leaving your comfort zone is always worth it. The only way is up! Her trainer course is just around the corner. Congratulations!

Veronika Mergenthal
Anger, Germany

Veronika has been with RINGANA since 2013. With a lot of charm and authenticity and a great passion for the philosophy and products, she did not find it difficult to build up a solid customer base. A team meeting flipped a switch in her, and her initial enthusiasm was joined by confidence: she could do it. Good planning and an effective system helped her jump from Target Level 3 to Target Level 5! It’s time to hit the ground running.

Janina & Tino Hagendorf
Niedergörsdorf, Germany

Janina and Tino are a true power couple. They launched their own RINGANA business several years ago, knowing that this company offers great prospects. At first, they encountered quite a few obstacles and challenges that kept them from focusing on RINGANA. Janina took the plunge about a year ago. With a lot of professionalism, passion and love, she gradually built up her team. Target Level 5 is just the beginning. There is so much more to come!

Ute Märker
Essen, Germany

Ute is a life-affirming family person and a strong businesswoman. The mother of two and grandmother of four has been running her own academy and agency for make-up artists for a while. RINGANA is a joyful and uncomplicated addition to her life. People love Ute's sense of humour. She is fully dedicated to RINGANA. Her love for the products and her remarkable vision have propelled her to Target Level 5.

Anja Frenzel
Berlin, Germany

In December, Anja jumped from Target Level 3 to Target Level 5! She is delighted to have reached her long-desired goal. We are incredibly proud of Anja and her team for their incredible achievements over the past few months. Nothing can stress her or distract her from her mission: combining RINGANA business and her life with her daughter. Her next step will be to consolidate her new target level. Berlin can start looking forward to a new trainer!

Marta Bueno
Chatenay Malabry, France

Marta is a shining star. She makes the impossible come true. With that special spark of energy, she lets the complicated seem simple. RINGANA taught her to live her dream, and she has been doing just that ever since – with great dedication and a lot of passion. Within just four months, she reached her goal: Target Level 5. And there’s so much more to come. Your team loves to see you shine!

Barbara Bacca
Odolo, Italy

Barbara is an extraordinary person with a talent for combining professionalism and human warmth. She is a paragon of focus and drive, and her team looks up to her as a role model. Ever since she dedicated herself to the RINGANA project, she has been unstoppable. Barbara is heading for greatness, and the trainer course will be her next stop.

Barbara Ortner
Bozen, Italy

This pharmacist from Bozen spent quite some time critically examining the products and the network marketing concept. And it led her to a clear decision: RINGANA is the only way! With a good dose of warmth, expertise and skill, she soon collected customers and partners. Her work has been an excellent contribution to Bozen as a RINGANA site. Barbara leads her team skilfully, patiently and empathetically. Target Level 5 is just the beginning of something huge! Our warmest congratulations on reaching your goal.

Irene Verra
St. Ulrich, Italy

Irene is an open-minded, modern woman. At the academy in Salzburg, she chose RINGANA. Spreading the RINGANA vision and making the world a better place is her passion. Her enthusiasm and authenticity easily convince new customers and partners, and she soon became a fresh_date queen. Come to any RINGANA event, and you are sure to meet Irene. She leads her brilliant little team with empathy and enthusiasm. Congratulations on reaching a well-deserved Target Level 5!

Barbara Rodda
Gaggiano, Italy

Barbara loves vegetarian, natural cooking. She lives her life ethically and sustainably, so it is no surprise that she fell in love with the RINGANA philosophy right away. Her customers appreciate her expertise and her useful tips. After focusing on team building, she has now moved on to growth. Her strong will, passion and endurance have led her to Target Level 5 and made her a trainer in Milan!

Daniela Hagspiel-Rebholz
Alberschwende, Austria

Daniela is a nature-lover and a RINGANA devotee. Her passion for protecting our precious nature made her start her RINGANA business, and her enthusiasm for fresh, green family bathrooms helped her put together a lovely team. She is a loving and committed leader. With focus and drive, she is making RINGANA her main career. A powerful mum with impressive visions!

Bianca Leitgeb
Trofaiach, Austria

Bianca joined RINGANA after receiving a fateful Christmas gift: our FRESH hand balm. She just loved it! Finally, something that worked with her sensitive hands. Her new-found enthusiasm for RINGANA made her join as a partner almost immediately. Having established a team within an impressively short time, she is doing great work now. This popular, successful fitness trainer is sure to reach the very top with RINGANA and her team.

Claudia Federer
Garsten, Austria

Claudia embodies endurance. Despite resistance among her friends, scepticism in her family and a whole lot of inexplicable rejections, she kept pursuing her (interim) goal. Now, she has finally, deservedly reached it! Claudia is well on her way towards putting together an extremely dynamic team. We are sure she’ll reach Target Level 10 without a hitch!

Christina Schlacher-Pötsch
Möderbrugg, Austria

Throughout her life, Christina has proven time and time again that she is a true powerhouse: as a successful entrepreneur, manager of a riding school, house builder and brilliant mum. After making a decision to reach Target Level 5, she soon tasted success. On time for her 33rd birthday, she got to celebrate twice! Congratulations!

Daniela Binter-Rumetshofer
Vienna, Austria

Clarity, drive and dedication to her team members characterise Daniela’s approach to RINGANA. Just after advancing to Target Level 4 in early December, she reached her next milestone, Level 5, before Christmas! With light-heartedness and ever-growing vision, Daniela is making waves in the Best Team Sunshine. She knows how to raise a stable business, and we have no doubt that she will continue to succeed. Keep on climbing, smiling & inspiring!

Birgit Schrambeck
St. Marein-Feistritz, Austria

Birgit is a powerful doer. Her passion, focus, dedication and inexhaustible diligence ensure that she stays professional at all times. She truly deserves Target Level 5. She has convinced many people of RINGANA thanks to her kind nature and wealth of product knowledge. A true role model and leader.

Juliette Komarek-Hehle
Vienna, Austria

Wow, Juliette! We're impressed. On top of managing four hotels with her family, looking after two little boys and running her household, she successfully wrote her thesis – AND reached Target Level 5! Juliette is simply amazing. We can't wait to hear more from her. Her enthusiasm for the products is reflected in her sales. Simply phenomenal. Is there any limit to what this woman can achieve?

Joachim Trauner
Vienna, Austria

Originally from Upper Austria, this resident of Vienna encountered RINGANA a year ago. He was immediately excited about the opportunity of building up a risk-free second career. Joachim's team already includes nearly 100 people from Austria and far beyond. A passionate globetrotter, he jumped at the opportunities offered by our incentives. His progression to Target Level 5 marks the end of a successful first year with RINGANA. Keep going! We wish you a lot of joy and success with your business.

Stefanie Heilinger
Großwilfersdorf, Austria

Steffi lives a few miles away from Hartberg. She is a kind person who loves nature and values sustainability. As a full-time mum, she managed to put together a brilliant team within just a few months. Her success has been driven by one goal: Target Level 5 and the trainer course! With focus, commitment and determination, she has achieved this. At the same time, her energy and enthusiasm helped her qualify for the #high5 incentive! Train the trainer is coming soon!

Doris Klinser
Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria

Doris is expert at juggling multiple tasks. Training people, leading teams and managing large businesses is in her blood. On top of a demanding full-time job and family live, she has now reached the first major milestone of her RINGANA career: Target Level 5! Her recipe for success: enthusiasm for the philosophy and the willingness to make use of every single gap in her busy working days. Just so smart!

Ilva Leitinger
Stainz, Austria

Ilva is a loving mum of four. In a single year, she has successfully reached her goal and is now heading at full speed towards her dreams. All the best stories start with courage. Her confidence and trust help her progress and rediscover herself over and over again. Ilva is a role model, a brilliant mentor and a valuable addition to her team.

Barbara Madl
Wiener Neudorf, Austria

Barbara lives to the south of Vienna. She first encountered RINGANA two years ago during a fresh_date. Originally from Burgenland, Barbara immediately took to the company philosophy, which she now supports with great enthusiasm alongside her main job. She has now reached Target Level 5. We are happy for her and extend our warmest congratulations!

Iris Winter
Buttendorf, Austria

Iris loves the products, the philosophy and the business concept. She has put so much love, commitment, drive and joy into her part-time RINGANA business that she reached Target Level 5 in just a year. Congratulations! As a mum, Iris appreciates the flexibility and freedom offered by RINGANA. She is highly organised and enthusiastic; she enjoys her work and takes the right steps every day. Her customers enjoy her brilliant support, and she manages her team carefully and thoughtfully. Target Level 6 is not far away!

Ingrid Schaffer
Graz, Austria

Ingrid and her dream team form a true RINGANA powerhouse. She is a loving, driven, focussed, empathetic, competent, loyal person – and these characteristics make her a brilliant leader. With her love for animals, she embodies the RINGANA philosophy 400%. Her next step is the trainer course, and we are excited to see her on stage soon!

Sandra Gesslbauer
Graz, Austria

Sandra's recipe for success is endurance. Her professionalism and skill have helped her get to Target Level 5. She loves organising fresh_dates and is the sales queen in our team. On top of her main job, she leads her team professionally and with a clear vision. The next level is just around the corner!

Karin Altenhofer
Altenfelden, Austria

Karin can convince anyone of the RINGANA products and philosophy! She pursues her path tirelessly and has reached her well-deserved Target Level 5 after just one year. Simply impressive – WOW! On top of a main job and three children, she is dedicated to winning over new customers and partners. A great mentor, Karin leads her team with warmth and charisma. We have no doubt that her focused work will catapult her to Target Level 7 or further in 2019.

Mariella Hornegger
Radstadt, Austria

Mariella fell in love with the RINGANA philosophy right away. With a great deal of joy and determination, she has raised a customer base and put together a lovely team – without neglecting her main job! Her husband, Marco, supports her wherever possible. She is driven, committed, focussed and kind in her furniture shop, her RINGANA work and her private life. Now that she has reached Target Level 5, she is ready to hit the ground running. So cool, so deserved, so great!

Sabina Hank – The Sound of Freshness
Vienna, Austria

Sabina loves the RINGANA philosophy and adheres to it in her daily life. She set herself a goal, focused and promptly reached Target Level 5. As an all-rounder, musician, composer, mum, businesswoman and so much more, she has raised a successful RINGANA business on the side and now leads her colourful, unique team called “Sound of Freshness”. Her talent, power and contagious cheerfulness would be a welcome addition to any team. Hers is delighted to have her.

Eva Woditschka
Vienna, Austria

Eva was a fan of the products and philosophy from the word go. She decided to start her own team in April and has been unstoppable ever since. Her work benefits from her structured, focussed approach, and she leads her team with plenty of kindness. Eva is a ray of sunshine who can win over anyone. In December, she jumped straight to Target Level 5, skipping Level 4 like a true high-flyer! #high5 and bring on the trainer course!

Jörg Miklautz
Hart bei Graz, Austria

Jörg is a top leader with a keen mind and a heart of gold. He excels at conducting business talks. On top of his challenging main career, he has reached Target Level 5 with his young and dynamic team in no time. With professionalism and lightness, he addresses the fdiT and conquers the hearts of his customers, the sideline and the downline. He truly lives the notion of ‘So we’ and is a great role model for all RINGANA People.

Carmen Roithinger
Vienna, Austria

Carmen is a bundle of energy who always puts in 100%. The 100% philosophy fits perfectly into her life as a mother of three. When she talks about RINGANA, the sun starts to shine. It’s no wonder that she keeps climbing up the Target Ladder. Nobody can escape her enthusiasm!

Martina Pfister-Kraxner
Sierndorf, Austria

Martina started her RINGANA journey with clarity and focus in February 2018. Since then, she rapidly put together a warm and enthusiastic team, which she now leads passionately. As in her main career as a fully fledged entrepreneur – a psychologist, trainer and coach –she approaches her work with RINGANA professionally and passionately, setting herself clear goals and objectives. She loves the philosophy and is a paragon of selfness!

Katalin Terler
Kaindorf, Austria

Congratulations to our dear Katalin! She was lovingly “forced” to become a RINGANA fresh partner, as she was initially convinced of the products but not the business. A few months later, she decided to start building her own team in Hungary – thank God! Together with that great little team, she has reached her well-deserved Target Level 5 while still going strong as a mum and entrepreneur. Hopefully, she will soon become Hungary’s first trainer!

Katharina Ritter
Loipersdorf-Kitzladen, Austria

Kathi has a clear goal. With lots of passion and love, she has built up a wonderful team and reached Target Level 5 with it. Supermum Kathi is enthusiastic about the philosophy and ethics of RINGANA, and she decided to quit her day job and dedicate herself fully to her green business. Her team benefits from her loyalty and professionalism. Target Level is just one milestone on her way to Target 10!

Ulrike Hache
Lustenau, Austria

Ulrike is a powerful woman. The mountain biker, triathlete and RINGANA fresh partner goes her way with lots of ambition and focus. She never gives up before reaching her goal! Her motto says it all: the world belongs to the courageous. Now, Ulrike has achieved her first important RINGANA milestone: Target Level 5. She puts her heart and soul into supporting her team. Having taken to Bregenz like a duck to water, she regular organises fdiT here. Her team is proud to see her on stage. This is just the beginning!

Antje Kohler-Rostami
Vienna, Austria

Antje lives her private and professional life sustainably and consciously. As an artist, she values good care. The high quality of the products was immediately obvious to her, and she soon discovered the benefits of the flexible business model. This brilliant, empathetic leader manages her team joyfully, carefully and professionally. We learn something new from Antje every day. Her spirit, confidence and endurance are truly inspiring!

Eva Maria Haderer
Sankt Willibald, Austria

Eva Maria reached Target Level 5 in a mere 15 months. Congratulations! She is a true superwoman. An empathetic prana energy therapist, loving mum and enthusiastic RINGANA networker, Eva Maria has put together a solid team with commitment, patience and a lot of action. She joins all events in Linz, and her enthusiasm won her the Maldives incentive. We’re impressed! May the next target level follow soon.

Jasmin Reichel
Vienna, Austria

Jasmin is a brilliant Qigong trainer and an exemplary networker. Her diligence and tenacity have helped her shine since the start of her RINGANA career. She pursues her goals even in challenging times. With her winning smile and her eagerness to help, she is an invaluable addition to the Vienna events team and an amazing leader to her own team.

Nicole Bischof
Ollersdorf, Austria

Target Level 5 is done! Nicole is a great role model for her team: always motivated, always focussed, always making progress. This working mum of two boys manages her RINGANA business with ease. Nobody who speaks to her can miss her love for the products and philosophy, and she has no troubles convincing others of them. Time to get started for real! We are all looking forward to seeing her on the big stage.

Heike Scheiber
Edling, Austria

When Heike signed the partner application, we immediately realised: this woman is going to make it to the top. She is a doer with a clear focus, ambition and a great capacity for learning. Within just a year, she has made enormous progress. But she is always ready to pause, reflect and learn. Sticking to the mantra “trust your mentor” in every step, we knew she was going to reach Target Level 5 in no time. And now she's here!

Sandra Pfurtscheller
Innsbruck, Austria

Ever since Sandra chose RINGANA, this lovable Tyrolean has been unstoppable. On top of her charisma, she boasts great resolve and discipline. This young working mother acquired an outstanding number of satisfied customers and partners in fairly little time. Her cheeky smile and her openness makes it especially easy for her. Seeing how much she has achieved in such a short time, we can't wait to see what else she is capable of.

Claudia Knafl
Klagenfurt, Austria

Claudia has reached Target Level 5! She works passionately and diligently on her RINGANA business, step by step heading towards an independent life. With a great thirst for knowledge and oodles of team spirit, Claudia looks after her customers professionally and attends every RINGANA event. She expands her team at her own pace and is sure to keep climbing the target ladder.

Sabine Hubmann-Koinegg
Deutschlandsberg, Austria

Sabine has been an exemplary partner ever since day one. She is motivated, committed and willing to learn. Thanks to her self-driven approach and her great ambition, she has heeded every last bit of advice she received. Having learned the business completely from scratch, she now puts her heart and soul into the concept and never misses any event. Her lovely team is just as diligent as she is. Together with her husband, Christoph, she is headed for the next target level!

Silke Steiner
Mühldorf, Austria

Silke embodies love for the products and trust in the RINGANA brand. Her love, skill and enthusiasm, inspire people. She is a great example for the ease with which the products and the RINGANA business fit into anyone's life and the great quality of life they bring. Having set out to reach Target Level 5, she simply kept going until she reached her goal. We have no doubt that her trusting nature will get her very far – in her personal life as well as her business.

Nadja Friedschröder
Purkersdorf, Austria

Nadja stepped on the gas last year. Not just with RINGANA, with her motorcycle, too – it's her great passion. This powerful mother of three reached Target Level 5 in no time, thanks to her commitment, motivation and determination. Dedicated, loving team management is second nature to Nadja, a qualified pedagogue. With her consistently growing Team Chi, she shows us what's possible even with a full-time job and three kids! Congratulations!

Stefanie Luttenberger
Leoben, Austria

Incredible! wonder woman Stefanie skipped Target Level 4 and flew straight to Level 5! On top of her 40-hour job and her Konga business, she keeps making time for fresh_dates, business meetings and customer acquisition. Her charisma and knowledge can get anyone excited. She's simply unstoppable!

Lisa Klingler
Westendorf, Austria

Congratulations to Lisa on reaching Target Level 5! She’s a powerful woman who knows what she wants. Your clarity and focus on your great goals will take you to the next Targets in no time. Keep going!

Simone Friedl
Lanzenkirchen, Austria

Simone started out by having a very close look at everything. She soon fell in love with the philosophy and the business opportunity. We have been watching her in awe ever since: she successfully juggles a second job, supporting a self-employed husband and parenting two daughters. Simone sure doesn't get bored. She never loses sight of her goals and makes super effective use of the little free time she has. Having reached a well-deserved Target Level 5, she has a clear vision!

Susanne Dangl
Kitzbühel, Austria

The lovable Tyrolean wedding planner has reached Target Level 5 with a lot of joy, enthusiasm and discipline – and a brilliant team. Everything she does turns out a success. She’s on track for an amazing 2019, and we’re sure she will shine! All the best for your next target levels.

Linda Kuhm
Mönchhof, Austria

Linda has been enjoying her RINGANA journey with great commitment. Her love for RINGANA and the products reverberates in every word she says and all her fresh_dates. There's a spark in her eyes whenever she speaks of her work and opportunities as a RINGANA fresh partner, and her adorable little daughter already supports her.

Maria Hölzl
Königswiesen, Austria

Our warmest congratulations on reaching Target Level 5! Maria's endurance and her tireless work have brought her here, and many have benefited from her enthusiasm and experience. Keep at it! All the best for the future.

Sandra Fichtinger
Mautern an der Donau, Austria

Sandra is a dedicated pedagogue, mother, author and horse owner. At a fresh_date two years ago, she discovered the high quality of the products and the great opportunities inherent to the ethical business model. Her joy and passion have been enchanting her prospective customers ever since. Sandra initially focused on customer acquisition but soon started out as a mentor, putting together a loving, motivated team. Together, they have reached Target Level 5!

Isabelle Löwenthal
Vienna, Austria

Isabelle from Vienna first encountered RINGANA as an enthusiastic customer. When she recommended the products to her family and friends, the former marketing specialist recognised the opportunities inherent to RINGANA partnership. She looks after her considerable customer based with great dedication. Together with a great little team, she has now reached her well-deserved Target Level 5! Keep going, Isabelle!

Doris Mitterbacher
Sachsenburg, Austria

We're delighted to say: Doris has reached Target Level 5! Pouring her heart and soul into her plan, she has led her brilliant little team to success. The exclusivity and quality of the RINGANA products had her on board in no time. After having a very close look at the RINGANA business model, she made it her third passion besides event management and her patchwork family. Look forward to a talented speaker and many more successful steps.

Judit Gal
Vienna, Austria

Judit encountered RINGANA quite a few times before deciding to become a partner. She is a qualified vet and a true wonder woman who juggles her main career, family (with two daughters and a dog!) and RINGANA business like a boss. Always smiling, she loves what she does – and her prospective RINGANA customers feel that. Judit is a brilliant team leader who is dedicated to her team. Her love and enthusiasm make her a great role model, and she totally deserves Target Level 5.

Diana Scaramella
Gudo, Switzerland

This hotel manager and mother of twins works on two fronts. She immediate fell in love with the RINGANA products and philosophy. Her contagious enthusiasm infects everyone she encounters on her path. Thanks to her determination, professionalism and patience, Diana has put together a lovely team of eager people. Target Group 5 is only the beginning – there will be more success in her future! Congratulations. Keep going!

Cindy Guerra
Cugnasco, Switzerland

Cindy is a super-mum of five. She never stops moving and leads her team with determination and great endurance. When she becomes one of our new leaders, she will get to demonstrate her inspiring professionalism live on stage. Having taken over the deputy leadership of Locarno, she brings a wealth of positive energy to the RINGANA location. It's time for Cindy to enjoy her success and Target Level 5!

Fabienne Andereggen
Lalden, Switzerland

Fabienne became enamoured with the philosophy at the Kick-Off 2018. She became a fresh partner in March. Well-timed changes at the engineering firm where she had worked as a secretary for 13 years motivated her to hit the ground running with RINGANA. Her lovable personality has helped her achieve her first major RINGANA goal. We are sure she will keep succeeding – with confidence and a big heart!

Roberta Bisi
Agarone, Switzerland

Roby is a powerful mum of three. Her relaxed attitude and courage have helped her overcome initial difficulties and develop her leadership skills. She warmly recommends RINGANA and is always happy to help others. This has allowed her to put together a wonderful team. This loving leader sets a positive example every single day. We are delighted to announce that she has given herself the best Christmas present: Target Level 5!

Myriam Brianza-Guidotti
Stabio, Switzerland

Friendliness and reliability are two of the character traits that help Myriam achieve every goal she sets herself. This loving mum juggles her children and her RINGANA business with a lot of dedication. She always strives for progress, and her strong conviction attracts others like a magnet. Having truly understood RINGANA, she is headed straight for her next target levels. High five, Myriam!

Martina Hess
Mettlen, Switzerland

Martina is a perfect fresh partner. She is spontaneous and full of energy. As a self-employed businesswoman, she goes her own way with a clear focus and great efficiency. She never loses sight of her vision. Martina supports her team professionally and empathetically. She's a born leader. Congratulations!

Alexandra Moser
Chur, Switzerland

Alexandra from Switzerland fell in love with the RINGANA philosophy from the very start. Her cheerful, enthusiastic nature helps her acquire partners and convince others of the products. While caring for her two children, this dedicated leader supports her team and all its members. Target Level 5 is done! The trainer course and the next target levels are around the corner. We are all happy for Alexandra and look forward to following her path of success.

Susann Zienecker
Oberhofen, Switzerland

Susann has been a keen RINGANA partner for a year and a half. The mother of two, who also runs a body therapy clinic, did not take long to acquire a solid customer base. When she started putting together a team, success came just as quickly: just a few months later, she was already supporting her little group of people enthusiastically and respectfully. She reached Target Level 5 with ease. With dedication and a keen eye on her goal, she keeps going. The next target level is waiting!

Isabelle Baumgartner
Basel, Switzerland

Once Isabelle had recognised the business opportunity and decided to start her own team, things went quickly. Within just a few months, she put together a brilliant and efficient team and reached Target Level 5. Empathy and reliability are two of her greatest strengths. She goes her own way lightly and joyfully, duplicating herself with great success. The next target levels aren't very far away! Congratulations!

Luzia Lustenberger
Emmenbrücke, Switzerland

Luzia hit the ground running in 2018. What started as a nice little hobby has developed into a genuine passion. RINGANA is an important part of her life today. On top of her nearly full-time job and her obligations as a mum and grandma, she invests every free minute into her RINGANA career. And she does it with plenty of lightness and positive energy.

Martina Portmann
Oberkirch, Switzerland

Martina is full of energy. She steadily advances her RINGANA business and implements all new features immediately. To stay flexible with the RINGANA business model, she even turned down a job offer. Martina acquires partners and customers in the same way she lives her family life with two kids and a husband: lovingly. Her team, which she successfully put together in no time flat, enjoys her dynamism and clarity. Congratulations on reaching Target Level 5!

Elvira Hosp
Zürich, Switzerland

Elvira was fascinated by the unique, fresh philosophy from the word go. She’s a real product junkie! Despite her primary job and her work as a yoga teacher and breathwork therapist, she managed to put together a dynamic RINGANA team in little time. Her incomparable personality motivates and excites everyone. She is a powerful woman and a true gem. We are sure Elvira will conquer the next target levels effortlessly!

Susanna Auriemma
Altendorf, Switzerland

wonder woman Susanna has kick-started her RINGANA career. Just nine months after becoming a partner, she reached Target Levels 4 and 5 in just a month! She leads and supports her team with a great deal of intuition, passion and love as she goes her own RINGANA way. The trainer course is within reach, thanks to her incredible commitment! Congratulations!

Denise Hosennen-Imboden
Brig-Glis, Switzerland

Sunshine Denise is committed and determined. She has focussed on RINGANA 100%! On top of her work at a hospital, she gets people at home and abroad excited about RINGANA. In her free time, she’ll go above and beyond to spread the RINGANA products and philosophy. Her contagious enthusiasm will take her to the next target levels and the trainer course in no time. The Valais team congratulates Denise!

Esther Sanmartin Nadal
Santa Maria del Cami, Spain

From the very start, Esther knew without a doubt that she wanted to be a part of RINGANA. The chemist fell in love with the products as soon as she tried her first. Having poured her heart and soul into reaching out to people, she has put together a brilliant team and reached her well-deserved Target Level 5!

Alina Ouahid
El Bruc, Spain

Target Level 5 is done! Alina immediately impressed everyone with her talent to convince others of RINGANA. This year, she increased her total sales volume nearly tenfold. She has reached her well-deserved Target Level 5 with an international team in Germany, Spain, France and England, which she leads passionately.

Sandra Miquel Serrat
Cassà de la Selva, Spain

Sandra learned about RINGANA in 2016 and fell in love with the fresh philosophy. She organises lots of fresh_dates, effortlessly filling her home town with new fresh partners. Having put together her team, she has so much more time for her daughters now. Sandra quit her job in 2018. Since then, she has been determined to advance her team-building in Girona. She won the Maldives Incentive, completed the trainer course and reached Target Level 5 in December!

Tais Mitjanas
Barcelona, Spain

Tais is a strong woman who is committed to her ideas. She is courageous and charismatic. As soon as she heard about RINGANA, she fell in love with the concept and products. Climbing the RINGANA ladder with a great deal of passion, courage and commitment, she has reached Target Group 5 in less than a year! Congratulations! Tais is an inspiration for us all.

Berenice Seiss
Herdwangen-Schönach, Germany

Berenice is our Mallorcan yoga queen. She has reached her sought-after, well-deserved Target Level 5 with excellence. We are delighted for her. Congratulations! Berenice leads her amazing, international team with a warm heart, a lot of eloquence and a keen mind. She knows what she wants – and how to get it.

Daniela Geiger
Altenfelden, Austria

CONGRATULATIONS to Daniela for having taken target 9 by storm! No-one can keep up with her at this speed. She conquers the hearts of customers and partners and is a professional RINGANA team leader: crossline and side-line included! She is happy to pass on her enthusiasm and knowledge to others. „SO WE“ – that is the key reason for her success. Target 10 is the next logical step and waiting to be conquered!

Manuela & Markus Jocher
Graz, Austria

Dreamteam Manuela and Markus have reached one target after another in record time! Congratulations! They have attained target 7 with their fantastic team – they are simply sensational. They have been part of RINGANA for 2 years and are absolute role models for many RINGANA PEOPLE. Thanks to their warm and emphatic personalities, they are growing rapidly with their team. You are unstoppable!

Gertraud Setscheny
Graz, Austria

Many congratulations to Gertraud for having reached target 7. She is a particularly endearing and warm RINGANA team leader and trainer. She lovingly supports her customers and partners, which shows how important the SO WE concept is to her. She has fully integrated RINGANA into her everyday life and there is no doubt that her focused and unassuming manner will help her to easily attain targets 8, 9 and 10. We wish her much fun, success and joy on her journey!

Gabriela Konrad
Land-Übelbach, Austria

Gabriela lives and loves the RINGANA philosophy and the RINGANA products with a huge passion. With her wonderful team, she has reached Target Level 7 in only 2 years, alongside her profession as a successful trainer. Gabriela is a real cracker, a team player and a “gem”.

Iris Robitsch
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria

Iris is at Target Level 7 – and we’re all delighted for her. She has been working towards this goal for some time and now, during her well-deserved holiday in the south, she has reached the next Target Level. She is an outstanding team leader, guiding her team with great sincerity and aplomb. She is always chilled, simply taking her journey step by step, always focused on her goal, and never stressed or under pressure, which is what helps her to be just herself and maintain her wonderful skills.

Michaela Sulzbacher
Unterach, Austria

After quite a long wait, the birth of two children, moving to the Czech Republic, a dream wedding, selling her business, her decision to make RINGANA a full-time job, constant activity, loving team support and many ups and downs, Michaela has finally manged to reach the well-deserved target 6! Her team is proud to have her at their side. Her warm and sympathetic personality makes her a real asset to all!

Imma Genaró Segalés
Folgueroles, Spain

This strong, assertive woman has leapt from Target Level 5 to Target Level 6 in only 3 months. She is a woman without limits, who works with passion, and who takes on and appreciates every step and challenge. She has the exceptional ability to give her team motivational support, and to accompany and enthuse them – no question about it, she’s a fantastic person who will reach every goal she sets herself.

Erika Bärtges
Horbruch, Germany

Right from the start, Erika has been completely behind RINGANA with eagerness and motivation, and she quickly decided to make RINGANA a part of her life. She lives with her family and her horses in a beautiful house in the countryside, and she lends a personal touch to everything around her. She has given her cosmetic studio a complete RINGANA makeover and her customers get to enjoy a wonderful, engaging ambience, close to nature. Erika is a person who loves life, who is always open to the new, and who is consistently pursuing her chosen path.

Bianca Kern
Ottenhöfen, Germany

Bianca gets herself and those around her moving with her great power, heart and inspiration. Her strong vision and clear sense of purpose have taken her and her power team to Target Level 5. It takes a huge amount of trust and much dedication, as well as pleasure in our unique philosophy, to be successful. With her unbounded openness, she gets people fired about the business, and then accompanies them with sincerity. Her journey is driven by her typical, charismatic power, so Target Level 5 is just one of the milestones along her way. BIANCA goes TARGET 10! Success loading…

David Weinberger
Berlin, Germany

After initial scepticism about network marketing, David explored the subject intensively and today he knows exactly what he’s talking about, and he can understand the scepticism of others. His love for RINGANA and of people, and his complete understanding of this fantastic opportunity are the “secrets of his success.” As a trainer, he will soon be sharing his knowledge, inspiring and enthusing others.

Stefania Balzarotti
Torno, Italy

Stefania works steadily and does everything to achieve her goals which she pursues with perseverance and determination. Her RINGANA Fresh Partnership allows her to live out her love of nature, and to fulfil her wish to work with a company that practices the concept of corporate social responsibility. She leads her motivated and enthusiastic team with great sincerity, providing support where needed and, together, they are pursuing great goals.

Viktoria Kozar
Großlobming, Austria

The inconspicuous words “Made in Austria” convinced Viktoria to become a fresh partner just 1 ½ years ago. Since then, she has inspired new customers and partners with her quiet and warm personality and has attained target 5. She is not only a shiatsu practitioner and passionate mother of two sons, but also an enthusiastic and motivated team mentor, supporting them with heart and soul.

Karin Supp
Graz, Austria

How cool is that! In only 11 months, and alongside a full-time job, Karin has reached Target Level 5. She wins customers and partners with fun and pleasure, she is always friendly, in a good mood, and her enthusiasm is highly infectious. With her motivation and consistency, it won’t be long until she reaches the next Target Levels.

Manuela Doynov
Wien, Austria

Manuela is the best Fresh Partner you can imagine – going about her business with clarity and focus. With her charming personality, competent manner and her enthusiasm, she not only acquires customers but has also built up a fantastic team. Right from the start she has been in love with the philosophy, living out the concept, and leading Lounge Meetings as if that is what she was born to do. In short: a power woman par excellence! Her great dedication has now taken her to Target Level 5 and we know we’ll be hearing much more from her in the future.

Mareike Pink
Langenwang, Austria

Mareike is a born networker, even if she didn’t realise this initially. At the outset, her focus was on customers and now – one year later – she has already built up a highly motivated team. Mareike enjoys her work so much, and enjoys spending her free time with her family and travelling. Thanks to her positive, winning manner and her sunny disposition, she is a fantastic role model for her team, and a real human magnet. Congratulations!

Claudia Hutter-Moritz
Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria

Claudia is a real ray of sunshine. She is carrying our message out into the world with such certainty, and thanks to her infectious enthusiasm, she is a real human magnet. She leads her team with sincerity and tact, and is a keen follower of the So Us principle. She is a huge asset to the RINGANA community. Congratulations on reaching Target Level 5! Now she can look forward to all the other great things ahead of her.

Robert Wogg
Wien, Austria

Robert Wogg – a man with a goal. Robert quickly recognised that this business is easier if you go at it quickly. At Target Level 3 right from the start, he quickly reached Target Level 4 and now, after only around 6 months, he’s already at Target Level 5. No wonder given his mix of focus, clarity, perseverance, discipline and confidence. His energy as a doer is quite simply infectious, and the next Target Level is already in reach. GO, Robert, GO!

Lisa Schafzahl
Sebersdorf, Austria

Lisa started off as a Fresh Partner in March this year and in this short space of time, alongside looking after her two small children, she has built up a very successful team. She leads that team with great spirit, clarity and sincerity, and made it to the Maldives in October – so Target Level 5 is the next milestone in her RINGANA story. Lisa’s huge motivation and vision will allow her to write many more chapters of that story – and one day, we’ll be old and will be sharing our stories with each other.

Franziska Koblinger
Hallwang, Austria

Franziska has been a RINGANA Partner since April. Right from the start she knew what it was all about. Her sincerity, professionalism, iron will and consistency have now brought her to Target Level 5. Her vision as a budding jurist and Fresh Partner: do good for others. She is a human rights advocate and is also in favour of a green Europe. Sustainability, ethics and equal rights are very important to her – that is exactly why she has now made it to Target Level 5, and the next Levels can’t be far off.

Raquel Fernandez
Feldkirch, Austria

As a beautician, right from the start Raquel was delighted by the effect of our products and the entire, special philosophy. With two small children, our business model suited her down to the ground. Alongside her team in Austria and the UK, she is working with huge enthusiasm and perseverance towards achieving her very special vision: to build up a team in her native country of Spain. Based in Austria, and together with her team in Seville, she is doing pioneering work in Andalusia. Congratulations on well-deservedly reaching Target Level 5!

Renate Natter
Feldkirchen bei Graz, Austria

Renate has been getting her customers enthusiastic about the RINGANA philosophy and products for years. In doing so, she has consistently reached Target Level 3 – for a long time, she wasn’t interested in building a team. After lots of discussions, however, Renate did finally decide to form a team – and since then, there’s been no stopping her. Now, within only one month, she has jumped straight from Level 3 to Target Level 5! She supports her team with devotion and sensitivity. At the same time she is focused, purposeful and has great visions.

Gabriela Seweryn
Olkusz, Poland

Gabriela is an extremely determined individual. She knew after her first conversation that she wanted to be a RINGANA Partner and operate in Poland. She loved the product and the company’s philosophy from the very first moment. She is now focusing with absolute dedication on building up a Polish team all over Europe, and leading it to success. So Target Level 5 was only a question of time and, in Gabriela, Poland has been given a RINGANA pioneer.

Janine Ramseyer
Embrach, Switzerland

It was only in early 2018 that the power mother-of-three, wife, and owner of a home and a dog, decided to pack in her part-time office job to focus her attention fully on her green business. From September, Janine really ramped things up, and has acquired 12 direct new Partners to date, jumping straight from Target Level 3 to Target Level 5. Who knows, Janine may very well repeat her Target Level 5 success in December, and receive her invitation to train as a trainer next spring. That would, of course, be a huge asset for Zurich.

Christine Vogt
Zollikofen, Switzerland

Christine – silna kobieta w berneńskim zespole w krótkim czasie osiągnęła poziom 5. Wielki entuzjazm dla filozofii, pasja do etyki i zrównoważonego rozwoju oraz serdeczne usposobienie pozwalają jej zdobywać klientów i partnerów, mimo stałej pracy w swoim butiku. Z profesjonalizmem i zaangażowaniem organizuje Lounge Meetings oraz fresh_dates w swoim zespole. Żadna droga na wydarzenie nie jest dla niej zbyt długa – zawsze wspólnie z zespołem i Mamą. Wzbogaca berneński zespół we wspaniały sposób!

Regula Zwicky
Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

A year ago, Regula decided at the Kick-Off that she would focus on team-building. She planned with discipline, and has now reached Target Level 5. Since then, she has been travelling around eastern Switzerland and the Zurich area full of joy, passion, professionalism and dedication to RINGANA. And she does all that alongside her therapeutic work and her own school. She is a power lady who pursues clear goals, and is focused on her path. There’s nothing standing in the way for her to train as a trainer.

Ulrike Halmer-Weber
Pressbaum, Austria

We congratulate Ulrike for having reached the well-deserved target 5 ! Even long before getting to know her mentor, Uli was already a huge fan of the RINGANA products and philosophy. At the 2017 Convention in Salzburg, she committed herself to work with RINGANA and reached target 5 after just 12 months. RINGANA is now an essential factor in her life and she easily leads and provides support for her wonderful team. Her experiences proves what can be attained in just one year with enough focus and determination!

Jacqueline Kehrer
Sarleinsbach, Austria

Thanks to her natural and refreshing personality, Jacqueline manages to inspire everyone around her with enthusiasm for RINGANA products! Furthermore, she has put together a wonderfully motivated team and is committed with heart and soul to her task as a mentor. She was quick in grasping the essentials of RINGANA business: inspiring others with her own passion for the products and explaining the business opportunities to her fellow partners. She is extremely communicative and charming and will certainly soon rock the next target !

Christiane Fischer
Berlin, Germany

Her commitment and enthusiasm for RINGANA are obvious to all. As a member of the Berlin organisation team for almost three years, she made a decision in july which she then put into practice in a highly focused way. Due to her profound exprerience and consideration for others, she will certainly realize her next plan and become an excellent trainer.

Sandra Sandbichler
Mödling, Austria

Sandra began putting together a team in 2015. Due to her positive attitude, it was easy for this psychotherapist and mother of three to acquire satisfied customers and ambitious partners. Her enthousiasm for the philosophy and products as well as her friendly and endearing personality have helped her to reach the well-deserved target 5. She motivates her small yet efficient team with heart and soul and leads her partners to success.

Ulrike Priller-Dressler
Reidling, Austria

Ulli became a Partner in September 1999 and she reached the highest Target Level in September 2018. During this time, she has given birth to 3 children, studied philosophy, and has also loved and lived out the RINGANA philosophy. She has built up her team with passion and clear focus. Ulli demonstrates the most important qualities in NWM: enthusiasm – passion – perseverance. Her determination, her diligence and her joie de vivre have now been rewarded with Target Level 10!

Barbara Thormählen
Ahrensburg, Germany

RINGANA is proud to welcome Barbara – as the first Partner in Germany – to Target Level 9. Her professional teamwork makes her a role model for all of us. She is sincere, authentic and congenial and that’s how she’s pursuing the RINGANA target plan: step by step – always focused on her vision and goals. She was there from the start when RINGANA was launched in Hamburg. We’re certain it won’t be long until she reaches Target Level 10.

Normann Hochheimer
Hofheim, Germany

Norman has been living in tune with RINGANA’s natural-loving philosophy for many years – for longer than he has known RINGANA, in fact. It is therefore only logical and consistent that sustainability and enthusiasm are taking him on a journey to success with RINGANA. We are proud of Norman and his new, well-deserved Target Level 9. Despite all challenges, he keeps looking forward and continues on his way. Congratulations, and keep it up!

Thomas Vogel
Nuremberg, Germany

Congratulations and best wishes on reaching Target Level 8! Thomas is a real expert when it comes to business talks. He deserves our highest recognition and appreciation. With his strategy and vision he spectacularly achieves his goals with bravura. Even though his main job takes up a great deal of his time, his team can still feel that he is 100% committed, with body and soul.

Clara Théoule-Zieger
Innsbruck, Austria

Reaching this next step in the target plan is so well deserved. A native of France, Clara now lives in Tyrol where she has built up an international team which constantly produces new trainers and managers. Demonstrating immense energy and consistency from the very first moment, she always loves to share her broad spectrum of knowledge. We’re already looking forward to her next successes.

Martha Laumen
Eching, Germany

Her perseverance, her infectious enthusiasm and her radiant personality make her a role model for her entire team. She has never allowed anything to distract her from her vision – she has been on the home straight right from the start. She has taken the few hurdles in her way with ease, and has continued on her way: Martha – the RINGANA star from Bavaria!

Luise Geier-Asfiaoui
Frankfurt, Germany

Luise is a fantastic example of what happens once someone has found their RINGANA path and continues on that path consistently to realise their goals and visions. She loves the products, is a “heavy user”, and is in love with the philosophy – and that’s the basis of her success. Two years ago she made the decision: RINGANA only. Reaching Target Level 7 is simply the logical consequence.

Sophie Kluppenegger
Mondsee, Austria

In just 2 ½ years Sophie has built up a strong, self-confident team that she supports with focus and appreciation. She is empathetic, patient, generous, capable and loyal. All of these qualities make her a powerful team player and an inspiring leader – we’ll be hearing a lot more from her.

Brigitte Blaikner
Bramberg am Wildkogel, Austria

Right from the start, when Gitti got to know RINGANA, her goal was to achieve the very best with it. She reaches her goals with her willpower. She never gives up and she’s an absolute power woman whose greatest strength is communicating. Setbacks can’t stop her either: she simply carries on in keeping with the motto: “Fall down – get up – straighten my crown – carry on.”

Lara Goded Millán Lardi
Agarone Ticino, Switzerland

Lara is a working mother and the perfect mix of her roots: Spanish energy, Austrian professionalism and Italian congeniality. She is very talented, knows how to develop her leadership qualities, and is always willing to help her team. She is a strong, successful person and she truly deserves to have reached Target Level 7. She is clearly on her way to even higher things!

Silvi Schmalzl
Mondsee, Austria

Silvi’s keys to success are her refreshing sincerity, her sensitivity and her positive approach to life, coupled with a willingness to learn, consistent purposefulness and trust in herself – she is bringing all of those qualities into play in order to get right to the top of the marketing plan. Confident and congenial, she is guiding her team to success, and it’s a joy to watch her doing it.

Kathrin Raichle
Fronreute, Germany

Kathrin lives with her husband and sons in Ravensburg. Continually and with unshakeable perseverance, this jurist has built up a fabulous team that she leads with knowledge, empathy and consistency. Her love of the products, her trust in the philosophy and her brilliant mindset make Kathrin a showcase Partner. Her team wishes her every success.

Torsten Kunder
Nuremberg, Germany

Torsten – congratulations on reaching Target Level 5! He is a real role model whose sincerity, authenticity and teamwork have truly earned him this team success. Every day he shows his team in an exemplary way what mutual appreciation means and how to develop oneself. You are always a trainer, mentor, friend and leader – a real leadership role model!

Alexandra Vogt
Stuttgart, Germany

RINGANA completely corresponds with her values and interests, and in only 10 months her sincerity and purposefulness have helped her to build up a fantastic team in Stuttgart, Lüneburg and beyond. Target Level 5 is only the beginning – as a mum and power woman, she has a crystal-clear vision of what she wants her future to look like, and she capably demonstrates to her team the great things that can be achieved with RINGANA.

Michaela Federkiel
Stephanskirchen, Germany

If anyone deserves it, she does! Michaela is a role model when it comes to persistence and 100% implementation. At the Kick-Off 2018 she decided to reach Target Level 5, and now she can enjoy the acclaim at the Convention. Keeping her eyes on her main goal at all times, she continues resolutely on her journey, and shows other mothers that it’s possible to build up a cool business with RINGANA.

Kathrin Sens
Berlin, Germany

Right from the start Kathrin has pursued and implemented the philosophy with great dedication. She plans her goals with love and commitment, allowing her to build up a small but successful team – the result is a well-deserved Target Level 5. She talks untiringly and everywhere about the ingenious products and the business opportunity, so we know she’ll be reaching all the other Target Levels soon.

Imma Genaró Segalés
Folgueroles, Spain

Imma is a strong, sociable and dynamic woman. She loves RINGANA and she infects everybody around her with her passion. An empathetic person, she understands how to look after her team with dedication and appreciation. We know that her constancy, fighting spirit and persistence will help her achieve her next goals.

Corinna Sandmüller-Tomasch
Salzuflen, Germany

With her professional, capable manner, Corinna’s Target Level 5 is truly well-deserved. She has a strong mindset and absolute clarity – and this has helped her to build up a lovely, sustainable team. As a fast thinker and power woman, she will achieve all of her goals.

Astrid Di Bella
Auer, Italy

Astrid is bursting with Italian vivacity. As a self-employed midwife, the mother of 3 children, and with numerous other projects on the go, she instantly recognised the opportunity that RINGANA offers. She enthuses her customers and Partners, and supports her team wherever she can. As a qualified translator, she is an important bridge in South Tyrol where she works in accordance with the motto: “Leadership means making other people successful.”

Tina Roßmann
Baldramsdorf, Austria

Tina shows just how much can be achieved if you have a goal and are determined to reach it. She has been an enthusiastic RINGANA Fresh Partner for almost 1 ½ years, working in a consistent and exemplary manner. Even though she has 2 small kids, is in the middle of building a house, and is getting little sleep, nothing can stop her. She had set herself a clear goal for August, reaching the magic Target Level 5 with her fantastic team.

Christina Reisinger-Naglich
Au am Leithaberge, Austria

It took Christina three years to recognise the business opportunity. And now, with strength and determination, she has reached Target Level 5 in only 7 months. Christina is a power woman with 2 jobs, a blended family, a dog and a horse, and she is consistently pursuing her RINGANA path. Her motto is: “There’s no such thing as can’t”. She is clear, committed and focused, and her team is growing and growing.

Irina Juen
Hatting, Austria

As a former professional athlete, Irina is ambitious, target-oriented and persevering. As a loving mum and successful businesswoman, she demonstrates her talent for organisation, her sensitivity and her leadership qualities every day. Her outstanding performance notwithstanding, this charming Tyrolean is always sincere, honest and modest – and that’s how she has reached Target Level 5. Now she’s heading for the Maldives and for training as a trainer.

Linda Fajtak
Lindgraben, Austria

Linda’s made it – she’s at Target Level 5! Now she can enjoy the success she has achieved thanks to her dedicated, self-confident and purposeful personality – and she’s even done it in under 2 years, as a mother of twins with a big house, a garden and lots of animals. Her team congratulates her sincerely and is celebrating this major RINGANA milestone with her.

Martina Kogler
Gurten, Austria

As a qualified fitness and health instructor, she fits her RINGANA business smoothly into her daily life. With her pure naturalness and joie de vivre, she exudes spirit, and developed very quickly within her team to a Fresh Date Queen. With clear focus, continuous effort and lots of fun, she has built up a young, motivated team that is constantly growing. Well done! Her enthusiasm is infectious!

Angelika Widemair
Nußdorf-Debant, Austria

Two years ago, Angelika thought to herself: “I’m going to be a Partner and give it a try – I’ve got nothing to lose.” Now she and her magnificent, Europe-wide, 180-member team have reached Target Level 5. She perfectly illustrates that constant doing and daily, small steps pay off. Attending events regularly is simply a matter of course for her. Lienz is looking forward to seeing her as a future trainer.

Katrin Stanzel
Moosburg, Austria

Katrin has been sharing her enthusiasm for RINGANA since April 2017 and has thus managed to build up a wonderful team. She made her “RINGANA only” decision this year, setting her course for the future. Now, with hard work, joy, lightness and a good portion of trust in herself, she has reached Target Level 5. Training as a trainer is coming up next.

Petra Ebner
Pöllau, Austria

Despite having two small children and a job, and doing exams for university entrance, Petra has still had a clear goal in mind right from the start. She has always found time for the RINGANA To Dos, integrating them into her everyday life without doubts, and with a great deal of love and enthusiasm for the philosophy. She is a strong anchor for her team; she always has time to listen, and she’s focused and target-oriented – a power mum with great visions.

Stefanie Hofbauer
Klosterneuburg, Austria

A light bulb flashed up for Stefanie at the Kick-Off 2018 and since then, there’s been no stopping her. In just 8 months she has managed to build up a fantastic team and reach Target Level 5 – thanks to her great efforts, consistency and purposefulness. Her entire team is looking forward to seeing her soon on the big RINGANA stage in the role of trainer – now things are really kicking off!

Barbara Brandner
Innsbruck, Austria

Barbara is a power lady with a heart, who enchants people with her loving nature and her authenticity. Apart from her full-time job, she wins customers over to the RINGANA philosophy, guides her wonderful team, and is meanwhile an institution at events in Innsbruck. Sincere congratulations on reaching Target Level 5, and every success for your next goals – you rock!

Inge Peter
Landl, Austria

Inge has done it! She has reached Target Level 5 and has lit the fire inside herself. She has been a huge fan of RINGANA for 10 years, although she had only seen it as a “hobby” to date. Now it’s time for her to take the next step. She has now established a small team that’s ready to grow. There’s so much more in her than she thinks – she can achieve anything if she just allows it to happen!

Sabine Utz
Vienna, Austria

Sabine only signed up as an enthusiastic RINGANA Partner in January 2018 and now, in keeping with the phrase “the sky’s the limit”, there’s no stopping her. Within just a few months she has built up a Europe-wide team, reached Target Level 5 at the end of August, has qualified for the Maldives incentive trip, and her training as a trainer is already on the agenda – just imagine all the things she’s still going to achieve!

Claudia Rupp
Faistenau, Austria

As a mum of two, Claudia perfectly demonstrates how to reconcile family and RINGANA. Purposeful, organised, and with much pleasure and energy, she is building her RINGANA business continuously and with discipline. Thanks to her charisma, she not only reached Target Level 5 in August, but has also secured her place for the Maldives incentive trip. Next step: reinforcing the trainer team in Salzburg.

Birgit Bruckmüller
Innsbruck, Austria

Over the last year Birgit has worked towards achieving the RINGANA goal of “so free” consistently, with focus and huge energy. She puts a lot of effort, dedication and sensitivity into leading her team, supporting each individual on their road to success. She reached Target Level 5 in August as planned, and also made the fairly spontaneous decision to marry her Lukas.

Anna Moya
Santa Maria de Merlés, Spain

Anna is a great example of enthusiasm, motivation and passion for RINGANA. She is an independent woman who always gives her all for her team. Anna sets herself no limits – she’s always on the hunt for new challenges. That’s what motivates her and is helping her team to grow continually.

Barbara Zenger
Wollerau, Switzerland

The networker par excellence! Shortly before retiring a year-and-a-half ago, she discovered her true vocation. She loves and lives the “so us” idea. She travels all over Switzerland or to Majorca for her team. Clearly focused and always with her eyes on her goal. Pure enthusiasm! Now she can enjoy her richly deserved success.

Petra Janett
Nottwil, Switzerland

Petra has been with RINGANA since February 2018 and, despite 2 children, a husband, house, garden and a job, she has got off to a flying start. She is winning customers and Partners all the time, in keeping with the motto that “a day on which we don’t talk about RINGANA is a wasted day”. If you ask her how she does it, she can’t tell you. She is simply infected with the RINGANA virus and can’t help herself!

Katrin Kolarsick
Schneisingen, Switzerland

Katrin is a RINGANA Partner with heart and soul. She organises professional Lounge Meetings, fresh_dates and team meetings with passion and dedication. Balancing her family, a donkey, a horse and her practice, she manages to keep everything in balance. Combining her knowledge with a personal and capable manner, she gets lots of people interested in RINGANA, and we may soon be seeing her as a trainer in Switzerland and France.

Doris Rübner
Eckental, Germany

Doris has reached Target Level 5 with her fantastic team. As an avid RINGANA Partner, she inspires people to use our products and take our green vision out into the world. In doing so, she supports everybody with her warm manner and is a great role model. Doris is the perfect example of how a mother of three and wife can develop into a green businesswoman.

Christine Kirsch
Nürnberg, Germany

It’s a joy to see Christine reaching Target Level 5 with her wonderful team. She is a real role model when it comes to thinking and living the “so us” idea. She shows us exactly how to network and perfectly demonstrates that “teamwork makes dream work”. The only logical and well-deserved consequence is that she has now reached Target Level 5. Everyone is looking forward to lots more heartfelt, energetic work together.

Constanze Kranz
Eckental, Germany

Looking for a challenge, Constanze got to know RINGANA a year ago and has been in love with our philosophy ever since. The outdoor climbing queen, mum and newly-minted granny, has hit the ground running because she has already shared RINGANA’s values for ever. That’s why she is so sincere in telling people about the products and the business opportunity. She has taken her first steps to freedom and meaningful work.

Eva-Maria Knotz
Kapfenberg, Austria

She has only just completed her training as a trainer and she’s already at Target Level 6. Expertise, consistency and reflection are Eva-Maria’s hallmarks and those of her success. She attends to her customers and partners with devotion and a good dose of common sense. She gives everything to win people and her team over to the philosophy and the concept. Eva-Maria is a unique woman who can do anything she aims for. She lines up her Target Level in her sights and hits it right in the centre. That’s how to be successful!

Astrid Lederer
Wien, Austria

Astrid made a decision at the 2018 Kick-Off: she wanted to work from home, doing something meaningful, and have more time for her daughter. She drew up a plan with her mentor, and then there was no stopping her. With her there are no excuses, only trust, and she magically attracts people with her sincere manner. The result: 2 Target Levels in just one month.

Kathrin Nagl
Eisengraben, Austria

Only 2 years after she started, she has given up her job and fulfilled her dream of waking up every morning without an alarm clock. Kathrin is a great role model for many RINGANA People, including in St. Pölten, where she has now taken charge. She lives out the RINGANA concept with lightness, passion and fun, and it’s just a question of time before she reaches the next Target Level.

Marion Engelbrecht
Dresden, Germany

Dear Mo has reached Target Level 8. She is a power woman – a doer. She works hard with her wonderful team, and also across teams – always for the greater good. She lives and loves RINGANA and the “so we” spirit with every fibre of her being. Clear, focused and affectionate, she guides her team, heads up 2 locations and brings her full power into play. She is a real leader.

Marion Couperus
Ober-Piesting, Austria

Opera singer, the boss of an osteria, and now her 3rd career is just as much about pure female power. Marion is an exemplary leader: conscientious, clear, focused, committed and reflective. She leads a very special team of women – a team of Iranian power women in Austria, a young female team around Vienna, in Germany and in Majorca. Now it’s only 3 more steps to the summit.

Claudia Kühn
Dresden, Germany

As the mum of 2 children, she runs her own centre for parent-child courses, and is also building up her RINGANA business on the side with a lovely light touch. Thanks to her joy, enthusiasm and love of RINGANA, she reached Target Level 5 in May. Everyone sincerely congratulates her on this milestone. The team in Dresden are delighted that they will soon have her energetic support as a new trainer.

Vanessa Milic
Kelkheim, Germany

Vanessa did it! She has reached Target Level 5, so she has already fulfilled half of the RINGANA target plan. What a magical effect clear decisions and focus can have! She is a mentor with a big heart for her team, and everybody is celebrating with her. If she goes on like this – with so much joy and lightness – we can expect to see her next successes very soon.

Nipa Joy Betge
Lugano, Switzerland

Nipa will overwhelm Ticino with her freshness. She has a great heart for the environment and for animals, as well as for her high-flying team that loves her enormous, positive energy. For her, there are no problems, only solutions. This flight attendant, who lives between Lugano and the rest of the world, doesn’t only fly in aircraft but is also flying through the RINGANA marketing plan.

Claudia Ambühl
Gampelen, Switzerland

Claudia is a target-oriented, focused and ambitious woman who has taken RINGANA to her heart. She is very close to nature in her life and thoughts, and she is a lovable and straightforward mentor who energetically supports her team. She is also happy to travel one hundred kilometres for a fresh_date, to train and encourage others – and her enthusiasm for RINGANA is simply infectious.

Daniela Engnoth
Oberhausen, Germany

Daniela is ruled by her heart and always sees only the best in everybody. She is a top-class leader because she leads by example, she reflects, and addresses all issues kindly rather than judging. It’s simply fun to work with her because one can always feel the appreciation and respect. She works clearly and with focus, achieves her goals, and is an asset to her entire team.

Lukas Holzer
Götzis, Austria

“Sierra Madre” was the hit with which this pop fan launched his RINGANA career around 20 months ago. During this time Luke has developed in leaps and bounds, as he has magnificently demonstrated in recent months. Ambitious as ever, he started his “Target 5” mission in January, and successfully concluded it in May. A new RINGANA star is born.

Sophie Gigler-Beilner
Wien, Austria

Sophie actually only wanted to buy a hydroserum but then at a fresh_date, she decided to seize the opportunity and also recommend RINGANA to others. With her small and excellent team, the single mother and big animal lover has now deservedly reached Target Level 5. She is a fresh_date queen, and her cheerful manner is helping to win people over to the RINGANA philosophy.

Marlies Parchment
Wien, Austria

Marlies is the Vienna rocket from Gmunden. RINGANA makes her life complete because, with her, everything revolves around diversity, human rights and environmental protection. Given her love and attachment to RINGANA and her international team, Target Level 5 was only a question of time. She is a true role model and shows us how to be successful with RINGANA, even if you have children and very little time.

Mathilde Stiglechner
Wien, Austria

As a mother and actor, Mathilde demonstrates sensitivity, strong nerves and passion – and she brings all those qualities to bear in her RINGANA business. With around 100 Partners, she has already built up a strong international team that is constantly growing. She is an exemplary mentor who understands the RINGANA philosophy and has taken it to heart, and she leads her team with confidence.

Sylvia Steinle
Graz, Austria

Sylvia planned well and has now deservedly reached Target Level 5. Despite some setbacks, she has never been distracted from her path. She is a top-class leader with charm, heart and understanding, who loves the philosophy 100 %, and whose professional manner, clarity and sincerity delight people. Sylvia is a permanent fixture at the events and fresh_dates.

Nicole Lang
Pöttsching, Austria

Nicole is a RINGANA Fresh Partner with body and soul. She follows her goals with discipline, consistency and professional work. By always being there for her team, and persisting with the activities, she has now reached Target Level 5. Her team are already looking forward to welcoming her soon as a new trainer and they wish her continuing success on her RINGANA journey.

Theresia Schoner
Kundl, Austria

Our dear Resi more than deserves to have reached Target Level 9 – with the constant energetic support of her husband Stanis. Her authentic manner, empathy, diligence and professionalism make her a wonderful leader for her proud team. Although she likes to stay in the background, she’s on fire and she rocks, and she knows how to run a business with her heart. Target Level 10 isn’t far off!

Gabriela Wirz
Bern, Switzerland

Her love of the RINGANA philosophy, her persistence and her dedication to her team have deservedly brought her to Target Level 9. As one of RINGANA’s pioneers in Switzerland, she has done great things. She is an inspiring leader who shows her international team how to purposefully follow an ethical path of success with a big heart and humaneness. Thank you for being a role model.

Silke Mohl-Lengauer
Klagenfurt, Austria

Our dearest Silke has reached Target Level 8! Her perseverance sets a great example for all RINGANA People. Her journey is characteristic; she tackles every challenge with ease and takes every step needed to climb the career ladder. She leads her team with devotion and love, making her an asset to the entire RINGANA team and, above all, a gem of the south.

Irene Kudryavy
Klagenfurt, Austria

With Irene, it was so lovely to observe what it means to “make a decision”. Because the moment she did so, she was off like the wind. She has magical treasures in her team with whom everything is possible. And it’s also always moving to see long-standing friendships share great successes at RINGANA – let’s celebrate Target Level 7!

Simone Hauk
Mollram, Austria

Simona decided to start working with RINGANA a year-and-a-half ago as a little sideline. But then everything changed: in April 2018 she and her fantastic team reached Target Level 7. She does her job with much love and commitment, she really cares about her team, and one can feel that all the time. She always has an open ear and is willing to help at any time – she has arrived with RINGANA and that is where she belongs!

Thomas Lieb
Linz, Austria

Thanks to his enthusiasm for network marketing for the RINGANA philosophy, Thomas quickly built up a large team for the second time. He energetically launched his RINGANA business as an after-work sideline. Last month he hit Target Level 5 and now he’s cracked Target Level 6 too! Now he has his trainer training coming up and we’ll definitely be hearing a lot more from Thomas.

Melanie Kogler
Pusterwald, Austria

This vibrantly lively lady from the beautiful Pusterwald has reached Target Level thanks to her enthusiasm and perseverance. She always finds the right words to ringanise. Together with her family she lives and loves RINGANA freshness from morning till night. Her team wishes her every happiness and success on her RINGANA journey.

Carina Wildauer
Hall in Tirol, Austria

Carina is a RINGANA Fresh Partner with body and soul. After only a few months in the team she has already reached Target Level 5. In this short space of time she has succeeded in building and motivating a team of over 50 people. Her clarity and diligence are exemplary. She will be coming with us on the incentive trip to Ibiza and will also be going to the Maldives. She is a rocket when it comes to DOING!

Lydia Klingler
Wildschönau, Austria

Only those who have identified their goal will find their way. Lydia is a remarkable, thrusting character; an absolute power woman who has managed to reach Target Levels 4 and 5 in one go. Lydia is 100% determined and focused – a RINGANA Partner out of passion. Her pleasant manner makes it easy for her to get people interested.

Nik Haydn
Schrunz, Austria

Nik has been a Fresh Partner for 6 months. Enthralled by the products, the 100% philosophy and the business opportunity, he launched into his career full of energy and purpose, reaching both Target Levels 4 and 5 with his clear focus. Thanks to his commitment we are certain that he’ll reach the next Target Levels step by step – and he wish him every success.

Janka Fridum
Kainbach b. Graz, Austria

The amazing Jana has deservedly reached Target Level 6. Right from the start she began building her international team with 100% commitment, enthusiasm and purpose. It hasn’t always been easy for her but she never gives up. She has experienced ups and downs, fought for her dreams, has always had her goals in sight, and has grown with the challenges she has tackled.

Susanne Hache
Treuenbrietzen, Germany

Susanne has been a Fresh Partner since 1 March 2018 and immediately shot to Target Level 5. As a cosmetician and pedicurist, she has taken RINGANA into her heart and recognised her opportunity. Right from the start this power woman and power mum has worked with focus, concentration and a thirst for knowledge. She is 100% her own woman and 100% behind the RINGANA philosophy and she’ll be rocking with her motto “green is my new freedom”.

Patricia Schrafl
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Patricia is a dazzling power woman who DOES THINGS with joy and lightness. She shows us what it is possible to achieve alongside children, house, garden and all the rest, if we have our sights set clearly on a goal. She puts a lot of heart into leading her team and has deservedly reached Target Level 5. She is a great role model and Neufeld is already looking forward to a new trainer.

Viviana Ballini
Rom, Italy

Viviana, who is enriching the committed team in Rome, has reached Target Level 5. Her love of our fresh, high-quality products, her belief in the “Bringing RINGANA into every bathroom” project, her professional approach, a good mindset and team spirit have earned her this success. We are delighted for her.

Daniela Graf
Unterschwarza, Austria

She motivates her Partners with her charming, warm and calm manner, revealing the business opportunity they have and the unique products. She is full of energy, has been invoicing for 11 months and now – with a baby bump – has reached Target Level 6. And, quite phenomenally, she has done so with only 33 active Partners. We’re sure she can look forward to more Target Levels.

Claudia Trattnig
Strassburg, Austria

Claudia has been a Fresh Partner for a year and during this time she has experienced simply everything that RINGANA life has to offer. Now she has reached Target Level 5, sharing the joy and conviction she feels with those around her and with her team. She is a yoga trainer, a super mum, a food and dietary expert and she is achieving her goals step-by-step.

Gabriela Schweizer
Konolfingen, Switzerland

Gabriela has pursued her goals professionally, clearly and with focus right from the start and she quickly qualified for RUN5 and Bali. She is a power woman who, alongside her practice and footcare studio, guides her team with commitment, joy and attentiveness. As a former flight attendant, she loves travel and RINGANA is now offering her plenty of opportunity to do just that.

Ingrid Partl
Volders, Austria

Ingrid is a ray of sunshine from Volders. RINGANA is a steadily burning, eternal flame in her heart. Her unerring belief in the unique RINGANA philosophy and her personal success have helped her to build up a big international team since 2016. Her recipe for success? Take one step after the other every day. So easy, isn’t it! Ingrid is unstoppable!

Bettina Reifschneider
Wien, Austria

Bettina is an actor, breathing teacher, mother and a born networker. Using her charm and enthusiasm she has built up a solid, dynamic team and has been living the RINGANA concept from Day One. The big secret of her success: follow the RINGANA concept in an exemplary way. It’s a method that her team also puts into practice so we’re sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from her.

Sabine Altmann-Weiß
Atzelsdorf, Austria

This busy bee has won over many customers to our products and philosophy thanks to her helpfulness, friendliness and cheerful manner. This power mum is particularly focused on acquiring Partners so her arrival at Target Level 5 is more than deserved. She is conquering eastern Austria with her “just do it” attitude and she is already looking forward to training as a trainer.

Lydia Nickoleit
Dresden, Germany

Lydia from Dresden has succeeded in reaching Target Level in her first invoicing month – something that has only been achieved by a handful of RINGANA People. She loves the products and the RINGANA business because it matches her attitude to life 100%; so natural, so free. She is a networker with heart and soul, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what else she’ll achieve.

Priska Mathys
Seftingen, Switzerland

Priska has a huge passion for animals and nature. She is an animal homeopath, a herbal expert and a fire-walking trainer, and RINGANA instantly found a place in her heart. She studied the ingredients, tested them and is delighted to recommend them to others. A fast thinker and power woman, she’s also a fast mover – not only in the Bernese Highlands but all over Switzerland.

Ewa Maciag
Sitzenberg, Austria

Ewa is an exceptional RINGANA Partner who, four years ago, dreamt of bringing RINGANA to Poland. Her dream became a reality at the Kick-Off 2018: RINGANA will be going to Poland. And just one month later, thanks to her successful fresh_dates, she reached Target Level 5. We are confident that she will be taking care of her success with RINGANA in Poland in an exemplary, professional way.

Romy Haustein
Unterach, Austria

A face that probably everybody at RINGANA recognises, and the living proof that anybody – no matter what fears or conditions they have to contend with – can achieve success with RINGANA. Her clear decisiveness, her persistence, her infectious enthusiasm and her radiant personality make her a role model for her international team which she leads with great verve, in addition to caring for her children.

Christian Strahlhofer
Wilen, Switzerland

Known to his team as “Chris from the biz”, just a few months after reaching Target Level 5 he has already made it to Target Level 6. He and his big team of over 500 enthusiastic Partners are enriching Switzerland with the RINGANA philosophy. The father of a newborn baby is pursuing his path with determination, storming Target Level after Target Level. Target Level 7 is already waiting for this charismatic RINGANA man!

Rosemarie Auinger
Thalheim, Austria

With her confident, professional manner, Rosemarie has a huge talent for networking. She possesses a strong mindset, single-mindedness and absolute clarity. Rosi is pursuing her path to professional freedom with total commitment because now things are really getting started.

Stefanie Schussmann
Klagenfurt, Austria

The new star in the RINGANA firmament is setting completely new standards: the young academic and mum of little Isabella has reached Target Level 10 in just 40 months – with boundless dynamism, joie de vivre and clear focus, in keeping with her favourite motto “There’s no such thing as no can do!” Stefanie is an inspiration and role model for all RINGANA People and we’re all delighted for her.

Bettina Schmid
Wien, Austria

Bettina – the exemplary event manager in Vienna – has reached Target Level 10 with her team. Her successful climb to the top of the RINGANA summit was achieved with focus and clarity, coupled with consistency, discipline and huge empathy. Her team is incredibly proud and thrilled to be celebrating this great success with her – to a fantastic, pleasurable new year!

Elisabeth Rauchenberger
St. Veit im Pongau, Austria

Flying high! Our professional networker of hearts from Salzburg, Liz Rauchenberger, has flown to Target Level 10 in the RINGANA firmament. What a sporty team success for the gifted leader of an international team. Now they’re celebrating and enjoying their great achievement, and all RINGANA People are cheering for Liz and her fantastic team.

Franziska Votruba
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Franziska is an absolute power woman who shows all of us RINGANA People how to take 2 Target Levels in just 4 months with hard work, stamina, ambition and professionalism. She lives and loves RINGANA, knows exactly what her goals are, and leads her top-class team with passion and devotion. Sincere congratulations to Franzi – if she goes on like this, Target Level 10 can’t be far off.

Christa Henke
Balve, Germany

Christa has done it! Her performance demonstrates the most important qualities for networking: sticking at it, not giving up, always doing the groundwork, and not reinventing the wheel but using the existing system and – if it starts getting tough – always seeking solutions with confidence. Christa truly deserves reaching Target Level 8.

Karin Dürrwachter
Berlin, Germany

As a former board member of a plc, how can one build up a joyful RINGANA business? Karin has shown us how it’s done and meanwhile she is not only supporting the event team in Berlin as a charming trainer, but she also oversees the fresh_dates as part of the team, helping to develop Berlin into a German hotspot, whereby she guides her team with affection and much clarity.

Anselm Fischer
Rott am Inn, Germany

Having hit Target Level 7 on only his 8th invoice, Anselm is the fastest ever so far. A man who understands RINGANA and superbly combines the business concept with product recommendations. He is the fresh_date king out of conviction and he also duplicates this in his team, for whom he gives his all. He inspires many RINGANA Partners with his charming manner and he is also helping to boost the proportion of men with RINGANA.

Nicole Geiger-Zeiter
Ried-Brig, Switzerland

Step by step – Target Level by Target Level. Personal and commercial growth go hand in hand for Nicole, from Valais. Nicole’s path is marked by her ability to make decisions with steadfastness, enthusiasm and happiness. She has grown from an event manager in Visp to a businesswoman with a heart, and is making a huge contribution to the whole of Switzerland.

Maria Letizia Ferrigno
Moltrasio, Italy

Her love of the products and her dedication, coupled with stamina and perseverance have taken Maria from Como to Target Level 7. She leads her wonderful team with love and creativity, and her interest in life and other people make her a valuable and affectionate leader.

Sibylle Buchmüller
Land-Übelbach, Austria

It’s raining Target Levels for Sibylle – in a six-month rhythm. Now, for her one-a-half-year anniversary she has reached Target Level 7 as planned. Sibylle lives/loves the Visionboard and she is completely dedicated to fulfilling her dreams. She embodies RINGANA 100% and has added a further pillar to the existing four: 100% fair – her cornerstone for empathetic, joyful work with RINGANA.

Birgit Lackner
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Birgit, a single mother, lives in Vienna’s Neustadt and she is a thoroughbred, textbook RINGANA Fresh Partner. As a pharmacist, her trained eye recognised the effectiveness of the products and she was won over from the first moment. Still only working with RINGANA alongside her main job, Birgit and her small but highly productive team have now made it to Target Level 7.

Claudia Batthyany
Wien, Austria

We can’t imagine the Vienna event team and the RINGANA world without Claudia as a trainer and manager. Her affectionate, open, warm-hearted and witty manner creates a good mood for everybody around her. Sincere congratulations to the talented native of Burgenland on reaching the next stage of her RINGANA career.

Sandra Berchtold-Domig
Schwarzenberg, Austria

Just 5 months after celebrating Target Level 6, “Superwoman” Sandra has now leapt up another Target Level. With her talent for networking and her huge enthusiasm for a greener, better world, she lives (and loves) RINGANA. She effortlessly reconciles her duties as a mother, her studies and her RINGANA business. She is fulfilling her dreams in an exemplary manner with focus and great devotion.

Alexa Hauer-Mattersdorfer
Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria

Alexa has reached Target Level 7 and she really deserves it. She is an absolute role model for so many RINGANA People. She loves clear, focused work and she does and achieves whatever she aims for as well. She is an affectionate family person and loves outdoor sport. She is aiming high – and that’s exactly where she’ll go with her RINGANA business.

Bettina Frigger
Tiefgraben, Austria

Bettina loved, understood and implemented the RINGANA philosophy right from the start, and she has already won many people over to it thanks to her professional, personable manner. Her top qualities are her strong mindset, a sense of purpose, and incredible power. Her great commitment to her great team has now deservedly brought her to Target Level 6. Onwards to Target Level 10!

Maria Paulitsch-Steiner
Sankt Lambrecht, Austria

Delighted by the fantastic products, Maria virtually became a biochemist in the beginning. Won over by the philosophy and the RINGANA concept she has been climbing the Target Levels untiringly and rung by rung. It was “already high time” for Target Level 6. Her entire team is incredibly proud and shares her happiness about this magnificent achievement.

Ursula Förschner
Müllendorf, Austria

Ursula is an ambitious, personable Partner who quickly recognised RINGANA’s potential for success. She seized the opportunity to get started with RINGANA in Burgenland and she has built up a great deal there. She is untiring, and always working on organising new locations for fresh_dates. Her family – with whom she develops new plans – have also become RINGANA Partners as well.

Claudia Schmid
Weiz, Austria

What a joy! Claudia has reached Target Level 6. As the mother of one daughter, the issues of sustainability and the careful use of resources have been important to her right from the start. She has now managed the well-deserved leap to the next stage of her target plan having taken the philosophy to heart, combined with her great communication skills, her enthusiasm for people, and the devoted guidance of her team.

Claudia Hümpel
Guntramsdorf, Austria

Her plan: to build up an event venue in her home town of Hanover. No sooner said than done! With a great sense of responsibility and the aim of being 100% ethical, she wants to improve the reputation of network marketing in northern Germany. She is however also active in her new home, Vienna, and her favourite country for holidays – France – is already expecting fresh heroic deeds from her.

Hermann Gerber
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Our charismatic Hermann has reached Target Level 6 thanks to his clear targets. He leads his team in a personable and pleasant way. He and his team partners regularly attend RINGANA events and continuing education courses. That is also the basis for the next stage of success which is written on Hermann’s Visionboard for 2018. Well done for seizing your opportunities!

Katharina Berger
Pratteln, Switzerland

Katharina has already reached Target Level 6 after only one-and-a-half years. She follows her path consistently, and doesn’t let anything throw her. She is hardworking, single-minded, authentic, and mindful of herself and others. She has meanwhile built up a good-sized team in Switzerland that she leads with great dedication and sincerity. They are already looking forward to seeing her on the RINGANA stages.

Martha Laumen
Eching, Germany

It was only a question of time before Martha reached Target Level 6 of her career path. Right from the start, she brought in love, passion and clarity, and started networking without a moment’s hesitation. Thanks to her strong will and her own wishes and vision, it is easy for her to make contact with people and to carry the RINGANA philosophy out into the world.

Monika von Homeyer
Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Germany

Moni, the Munich power woman achieves her goals as planned thanks to her single-mindedness and her passion for RINGANA. On the basis of “think, plan, do” she reached Target Level 6 in December 2017. In just a few years she has built up a successful and stable team that she leads with ardour and enthusiasm – going on like that she’ll be reaching the next Target Level soon!

Evelyn Barckhan
Bremen, Germany

Evelyn has experienced fantastic development and one can only marvel at the way she leads her team with head and heart. She is a real gem, who will achieve all of her targets and dreams. She is a valuable person for her team and for everybody who works with her. The positive energy that she passes on to those around her is simply infectious!

Daniela Brigitte Holub
Pastetten, Germany

Planned, achieved – clearly, decisively, with poise and much joy. In December she managed to mobilise her team in such a way that everybody was able to celebrate personal goals with happiness and lightness, and Daniela herself made it to Target Level 6. She is working her way up, step by step, tirelessly reflecting, learning and teaching, thus developing into a RINGANA leader.

Ángel Naranjo Gonzalo
Madrid, Spain

Ángel became a partner without having ever seen a RINGANA product. But when he got to know them, he was instantly captivated. Now he has clear ideas and great powers of persuasion, and he is a fantastic colleague who also wants to become a trainer in order to share RINGANA with the world. Target Level 10 is already in planning.

Maria Angeles Trillo Nafarrate
Ispaster, Spain

Maria is not only a colleague but also a good friend – almost like a sister – a fantastic person who works hard and untiringly to make sure that things are going well for those around her. She is always open to learning new things, improving herself and growing. All of these qualities make her an excellent companion, leader and teacher.

Sandra Buchhofer
Heiligenschwendi, Switzerland

Sandra was thrilled with the RINGANA corporate and product philosophy right from the start. She is a power woman who sets her goals high and then pursues them consistently with stamina and much joy. She has made it to Target Level 5 – alongside her family with two children, a dog, and her own practice for dream therapy and mental coaching – thanks to her strong will and verve.

Celia DeLafe
Reus Tarragona, Spain

Celia instantly fell in love with the RINGANA products the first time she tried them, and she immediately understood the unique business model. She has always been a businesswoman who works enthusiastically, operates authentically, and has a professional, capable manner. With her unique personality and cheerfulness she wants to become a trainer and reach the highest Target Levels.

Mandy Glosa Wille
Berlin, Germany

Mandy lives and loves RINGANA with every fibre of her being. She has been enhancing the event team in Berlin for some time with her sunny, cheerful and energetic character. In reaching Target Level 5 she has now taken the first step towards training as a trainer. Now she just needs to stabilise this Target Level so that she become a trainer as soon as possible.

Karin Birk
Amtzell, Germany

Thanks to her straightforward, helpful and sincere manner, her love of the products and her sound product knowledge, Karin has already won lots of people over to RINGANA. She is a mix of full-on mother and entrepreneur which makes her a role model for many people. Her team greatly appreciates both her energy and her character, and they are all delighted by her well-deserved Target Level 5.

Cornelia Busche
Herne, Germany

Target Level 5 in her first RINGANA month! Cornelia is delighted and delightful. She saw the opportunity and instantly seized it. Apart from her full-time job and family life, she puts every spare minute to good use. Hardworking and inspiring, she is on the road with her team, and her RINGANA journey has now really started. You’ll find fantastic people, moments, experiences and successes along your way!

Nina & Thorsten Pohl
Brensbach, Germany

Shortly after Nina and Thorsten discovered RINGANA they were already completely won over by the products, the philosophy and the sustainability. The Butterzart team climbed no fewer than two Target Levels inside a month thanks to their ambition, huge motivation and dedication. They already have the next Target Levels in their sights and now it’s only a question of time till they get there.

Simone Buxbaum
Schiefling, Austria

Simone chose RINGANA in April 2017 because she was so delighted with the philosophy and the products. Within a short space of time she built up a dynamic team that she leads with verve and sincerity. Joy and lightness in what she does are typical of her, and an inspiration for many people. She is an absolute power woman and her radiant character will help her to achieve her goals and fulfil her dreams.

Stefania Benedetti
Treviolo-Bergamo, Italy

Stefania is a real diamond: her strength and determination have taken her to Target Level 5 only two years after she registered. That’s an exceptional result that has been made possible thanks to her qualities, combined with the philosophy that she puts into practice every day and passes on to her team and customers. Now that the first Target Level has been achieved there’s nothing more to stop her.

Dagmar Doerk
Werl, Germany

Dagmar loves RINGANA products and devotedly recommends them to her customers and patients. Her team benefits from her expert knowledge as an alternative practitioner. Dagmar has now deservedly reached the long-awaited Target Level 5 with sincerity, hard work and perseverance.

Antje Renz
Leipzig, Germany

As a holistic health consultant and aware consumer of sustainable products, Antje recognised not only the value of RINGANA products but also saw the opportunities offered by our ethical business model. Her passion and expertise have already got many people interested in our fresh products. Antje’s motto: “A healthier life in a better world – for us and for our children.”

Judith Bertelink
Hamburg, Germany

Judith, with her gentle nature, continues steadily on her RINGANA journey. She leads her team affectionately and mindfully, attends all events, and is enriching Hamburg with her charming testimonials. Her team is truly delighted that she has now reached long-deserved Target Level 5 and that they will soon be able to welcome her as a trainer.

Erika Bassini
Fahrwangen, Switzerland

It’s fantastic that Erika has reached Target Level 5, and no more than she deserves! You can literally feel her enthusiasm for the products and philosophy. The wellbeing of people and animals is a matter very close to her heart and she always tries to be helpful – in both her professional and personal life. She has integrated RINGANA perfectly into her daily life and her sights are clearly set on Target Level 10.

Viola Marbot
Arzier, Switzerland

Initially Viola only wanted to “do a little bit” with RINGANA but she was soon captivated by RINGANA’s unique products and its fantastic philosophy. Although she was already fully occupied with many other matters, she managed to build up a small but perfect team, step by step. Now she’s a dynamic local trainer in Switzerland – and now things are really getting started!

Janine Widmann
Glanhofen, Austria

When she wants to achieve something, Janine is consistent, and open to going beyond her personal limits. As the mother of two, she shows us what is possible if you believe in your dreams and have your sights set on a goal. She leads her team with affection and has recognised that she can still achieve a great deal with our unique products and the RINGANA philosophy.

Nancy Riedling
Wien, Austria

Nancy has shown what it means to work on oneself and one’s mindset, to leave one’s comfort zone, and to constantly push out one’s own mental boundaries. She has now deservedly reached Target Level 5 thanks to affectionate leadership, motivation, and a willingness to always pick herself up again. The entire Team Sunshine is delighted with her success – you rock!

René Mayer
Götzis, Austria

Step by step, rung by rung, stage by stage – René is a real hit! An ardent fan of RINGANA from the very first moment, it’s a delight to work with him. His friendly, open manner, his dedication and his stamina make him a real treasure. René “Perlo” will be a big name at RINGANA one day!

Carmen Pachler
Wien, Austria

Carmen was always a businesswoman so it was clear that, for her, the only way was up to the very top. Carmen immediately recognised her opportunity and seized it firmly. She has a big, dynamic and sincere team and is willing to share her experience and, most importantly, to learn new things. We are sure that she won’t be staying at Target Level 5 for long, and Vienna is looking forward to a new trainer.

Nicole Trieb
Salzburg, Austria

Nicole, a charismatic woman with a big heart and huge enthusiasm for the RINGANA values. In summer she decided to give up her job as a kindergarten teacher to concentrate fully on her RINGANA business. Her unshakeable belief, her focus, and her keen desire to become a trainer have now deservedly brought her to Target Level 5.

Judith Müller-Hämmerle
Lustenau, Austria

It all started with a simple question: “Wouldn’t you like to switch from being a customer to being an entrepreneur?” This was what persuaded Judith to become a RINGANA Partner at the end of April 2015. As a corporate consultant, she instantly understood that discipline and enthusiasm are essential for progress – and it is precisely those qualities that have now deservedly brought this kind mentor to Target Level 5.

Sandra Piringer
Wien, Austria

After one-and-a-half years of “wait and see…” Sandra from Vienna made a decision: Target Level 5 was precisely planned, the right activities arranged, and she has achieved the perfect landing on Target Level 5 – this well-deserved leap up came as a big surprise while she was on holiday in Asia. Vienna is looking forward to having a new trainer soon and is delighted with her success.

Claudia Mallinger
Ottensheim, Austria

Claudia has been an enthusiastic RINGANA fresh ambassador since 2014 and is working her way up little by little to huge success. She set her sights on Target Level 5 for December 2017 and achieved her goal. France is now waiting to be conquered by Claudia.

Nina Beireder
Perg, Austria

It was love at first sight. Nina decided to follow her heart at the Summer Summit 2016 in St. Wolfgang. She built up her team like lightning thanks to clear motivation, her cheerful, laid-back manner, huge enthusiasm and dedication. Ambitious and focused, she and her team are making their way to independence.

Lesley Irish Richman
Klagenfurt, Austria

Having been a customer for many years, he became a Partner, and has recognised the business model’s potential. He has lots of international plans for the coming months. We are certain that, with the support of his family, he will soon be reaching his next goals.

Doris Gösswellner
Villach, Austria

Doris – the “Carinthian whirlwind” – has reached Target Level 5 even though, initially, she got off to a slow start. In addition to looking after her 2 children and a full-time job, she is winning people over to the RINGANA philosophy, thanks to her joy, focus and open, sincere manner. She has already built up a Europe-wide team in Germany, Spain and France, – and that’s only the start!

Nikolaus Porkert
Pfarrwerfen, Austria

Consistent perseverance and enthusiasm are worthwhile at and with RINGANA. After Target Level 5 was so often within reach in past months, it finally became a reality in December. Having made a firm decision to go all the way to the top, Nik continues to build his team. His presence at all RINGANA events is exemplary and inspiring.

Raimund Friedl
Salzburg, Austria

Coming from an athletic background, Raimund has the right mindset for planning and implementing his goals with RINGANA. He reached Target Level 5 in December according to plan thanks to his mini team, a clear decision, much joy and enthusiasm. Raimund’s professional approach sets him apart.

Karin Huber
Wien, Austria

Karin is a real power woman. She is a passionate mother and instantly fell in love with RINGANA’s unique philosophy. She is always willing to listen and her expertise in the areas of freshness and nature is impressive. Sincere congratulations on reaching Target Level 5. We’re all excited about what’s yet to come!

Andrea Neuhofer
Mondsee, Austria

Andrea is a loving single mother, as well as a professional model and yoga teacher. Switching from being an enthusiastic RINGANA customer to a Partner, she quickly recognised that RINGANA offered the opportunity to build up another source of income. Her persistence has paid off and she has now deservedly reached Target Level 5. Her path to Target Level 10 has now been levelled – so let’s go!

Melanie Garz
Klagenfurt, Austria

Half of the target plan has been fulfilled. We are all cheering and celebrating her fantastic success. With your eloquent, personable manner, you have built up a large customer base and a great team – and now things are really kicking off.

Sabine Rieppl
Wolfsthal, Austria

Sabine is a bubbly, energetic power woman from eastern Lower Austria. As the mother of three children, she leads her small but fantastic team consistently with great devotion and has now deservedly reached the first milestone on the RINGANA career ladder – making her too, a gem of the south.

Sigrid Spörk
Afram, Austria

Sigrid was a customer for many years before becoming a Partner and her success came virtually overnight. With dedication and focus, this young mum more than deserves to have reached Target Level 5. She has set, planned and achieved her goal – although only working with RINGANA part-time. With so much sincerity and sympathy, she easily wins customers, and we are sure that we’ll be hearing lots more from her.

Melanie Zippusch
Scheifling, Austria

This treasure from Scheifling has made it with her team. How well-deserved to reach Target Level 5 in one-and-a-half years. Alongside her practice and a toddler, she has built up a fantastic, successful team with enthusiasm, a sense of fun, and joie de vivre. The drivers that make her unique are ambition, sincerity, courage, focus and her belief that “there’s no such thing as no can do”.

Petra Steinkellner
Obdach, Austria

Petra reached Target Level 5 in December 2017 thanks to decisiveness, ambition and stamina. Her special team spirit and joie de vivre are duplicated on every level. Her next successes already await her!

Carina Kohlert
Katzelsdorf, Austria

Carina is an absolute power woman. She and her team have deservedly reached Target Level 5 thanks to her consistent DOING, her clarity, her ambition, her persistence and, most importantly, her enthusiasm. Carina is a fabulous team leader and it’s only a question of time until she reaches the next Target Level.

Peter Geisler
Hall in Tirol, Austria

The entire team congratulates Peter and they’re all incredibly proud of him – Target Levels 4 and 5 in only four months. That’s brilliant! Just perfectly planned! Everyone is delighted that he is being honoured at the Kick-Off in Vienna, and that he’ll be receiving the sought-after and well-deserved RINGANA flower.

Marlene Mathis
Dornbirn, Austria

With her persistence and single-mindedness, Marlene is a power woman who is fully focused on her path. As one of the first members of the Voralberg team, she showed what one can achieve at an age when many others are only thinking about their pensions. Her untiring efforts and valuable dedication have now led her and her Europe-wide team to well-deserved success.

Sabine Romera-Bao
Salzburg, Austria

Sabine is a real power woman who celebrated her 3rd RINGANA anniversary in September 2017. After only 6 months she reached Target Level 5, and in 2017 she even took both Target Levels 6 and 7! She is now a manager and a great role model for lots of people. There is now nothing standing in the way of reaching her next goal – Target Level 10.

Doris Stahl
Traismauer, Austria

Doris is a smart, warm-hearted, friendly, reliable and unshakeable helper of others. It is always interesting and fantastic fun to be in her company and do things with her. She lives out the RINGANA philosophy and ethics enthusiastically and authentically.

Julia Schoner
Kufstein, Austria

Julia became a Fresh Partner 5 years ago and since then, she has founded a small, sweet family with Mario. Never returning to being an employee was always her greatest wish. Today, she much prefers to work with her RINGANA Business and delights many mothers who feel exactly the same way. She and Mario have now reached Target Level 6 – but we’re sure we’ll be hearing lots more from both of them.

Ida Reisinger
Oberwart, Austria

It’s incredible how things can develop in less than a year as a RINGANA Fresh Partner. Ida is incredibly enthusiastic about what she’s doing and is reaching one Target Level after the next with clear focus, ambition, a sense of fun and consistency. Her dedication with regard to customer and team care is now visible in her results: Target Level 6 and lots of fresh success!

Irene Burch
Stalden, Switzerland

With her affectionate, warm and open manner, as a family-oriented woman and the mother of two, in just a short time she has already won many people over to RINGANA products. Her initial hesitation was more than outweighed by the speed with which she then got started. Thanks to her personable, winning ways, we are sure that she’s already close to the next Target Levels.

Thomas Strahlhofer
Steinach, Switzerland

Thomas stands out because of his clear, focused approach to work, and his great energy and dedication. Having reach the Target Level 5 milestone, he is now heading for Target Level 6. Along with his fantastic team in Austria and elsewhere, he touches the hearts of RINGANA leads and thrills the participants at his fresh_dates. The secret weapons of his success are enthusiasm and charisma.

Tashi Blaser
Bätterkinden, Switzerland

Tashi wins customers and new Partners with her infectious enthusiasm. This verve and her energy have now deservedly taken her to Target Level 5. Her conviction that one can do the world a favour with RINGANA, her persistence, and her ability to reconcile her practice, the sport of curling and time for her family make Tashi a real gift for RINGANA.

Chloe Baumgartner
Basel, Switzerland

Chloe is a real power woman who knows her goals and pursues them consistently and with heart and soul. Apart from a family with 2 small children and holding down a job for the equivalent of four days a week, she has reached Target Level 5 in only 10 months, was on the Run 5, and in Bali. She is 100% behind RINGANA and will be reaching the next Target Levels with enthusiasm and joy.

Barbara Burlein
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Barbara instantly recognised the value of RINGANA products and constantly recommends both them and the unique business concept. The fact that she also uses all the products that she recommends makes her authentic, competent and trustworthy. Her unique personality is an asset for RINGANA – and now she’s really getting started!

Karin Seelus
Ingolstadt, Germany

As the owner and manager of the Kosmetikschule Ingolstadt (beauty school), Karin instantly knew how ingenious the RINGANA products and philosophy are. At the Academy in Munich she enthusiastically made the decision to build up a team. Her power and pleasure are tangible; her team is growing and passing on the enthusiasm in exactly the same way.

Maria Lohninger
Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Germany

On the right track and approaching her goal step by step – the motto of this power woman from Munich has taken her to Target Level 5. Focused and never losing sight of her goal, she continues on her way together with her team, and with much enthusiasm and joy. In Maria, Munich has now acquired a capable and personable trainer.

Angela Schett
Mittersill, Austria

As a Prana Vita therapist and mental trainer, Angela is always endeavouring to boost the health and success of others. She decided to join RINGANA in April and from then on, she has shared her enthusiasm for the products and philosophy, and for the opportunity that RINGANA offers, with many people. It is this enthusiasm that has allowed her to build a fantastic team in such a short time.

Brigitte Buchberger
Ried im Zillertal, Austria

A new star is born: sincere congratulations to Brigitte from the Zill Valley on reaching Target Level 5! She is sporty, close to nature, and a great role model for many people. With her love of aromatic and healing plants, and her capacity to enthuse others, she has turned her hobby into her profession. We are confident that she and her RINGANA team will be leaving lots more green footprints on our planet.

Satyawati Rischka
Hart bei Graz, Austria

“Don’t expect too much from me,” were Satya’s first words as a RINGANA Partner in May. Now, in November, she has reached Target Level 5 and she is writing RINGANA history with her turnover figures. She is confidently building her team in Austria and Germany, and is a great mentor for her team partners. Graz is now looking forward to a new power trainer!

Petra Penn
Imbach, Austria

It all started with her question: “Can I do that too?” – and that was when Petra joined us as a Fresh Partner in August 2016. She instantly fell in love with the products and philosophy and immediately knew that she would be writing history with them. Since then, this charismatic power woman has been consistently winning people over to RINGANA. Her enthusiasm and focus have now earned her a Target Level 5 pin.

Silvi Schmalzl
Mondsee, Austria

Silvi lives and loves RINGANA with her sincere, professional manner and she is a great asset to her team. She captivates people with her personable character, and she has done real pioneer work, particularly in South Tyrol. Salzburg is now looking forward to a new, wonderful trainer.

Melanie Hinterberger
St. Johann im Pongau, Austria

Melanie from Pongau has now taken her first big hurdle with ambition, motivation, joy, her capacity for enthusiasm and a clear goal in mind – and we’re certain that she’ll be leaping more of those hurdles in future. She works in a professional, friendly way with her team that meanwhile stretches from Tyrol to Carinthia. With the support of her husband and family, the next Target Level is only a question of time.

Yvonne Bussmann-Koch
Baden, Switzerland

Right from the start, Yvonne was convinced about the quality of the products and the philosophy. Thanks to her clear direction and her untiring commitment to building up her own team, she has now deservedly reached Target Level 5. With her, Zurich has gained a new and capable trainer.

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